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Innovative Pulsara PATIENT Solution Named 2020 EMS World Innovation Awards Winner

By Team Pulsara on Oct 28, 2020

BOZEMAN, Mont., Oct. 28, 2020Pulsara, the leading mobile telehealth and communication platform that connects healthcare teams across organizations, announced today that the company’s product Pulsara PATIENT has been honored as a 2020 EMS World Innovation Awards Winner. As one of the most prominent voices in the prehospital emergency medical services community, EMS World employs the Innovation Awards program to recognize the industry’s most groundbreaking products of the year. 

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911-Initiated Telemedicine: How Clinical Leaders Are Using Mobile Tech

By Kinsie Clarkson on Oct 12, 2020

As hospitals and EMS agencies in Colorado Springs, Colorado, watched organizations around the world respond to COVID-19, they began to anticipate what their own response would look like. “We got to watch what happened in Italy and Europe and then subsequently in New York,” said Dr. Matt Angelidis, the co-medical director for the Colorado Springs Fire Department and AMR, and emergency physician for UC Health at Memorial Central, Memorial North, and Pike's Peak Regional Hospital. “We had time to think about, ‘Is there a better answer, or do we have an alternate way that we can take care of these patients and deliver care?’”

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PRESS RELEASE: Healthcare Communication Company Releases Free Provider-to-Patient App for Real-time, Remote Communication

By Team Pulsara on Mar 30, 2020

Pulsara PATIENT allows clinicians to instantly and securely connect with patients or their family members via live audio and video calling, a capability that is especially pertinent for outpatient medical isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 30, 2020

Bozeman, Mont — Today, the healthcare communication platform company, Pulsara, announced the release of a new mobile application, Pulsara PATIENT. "Pulsara connects people in real-time to improve health. As the leading clinical communication platform, Pulsara is excited to expand our services to include members of the community: introducing Pulsara PATIENT," said Dr. James Woodson, Pulsara's Founder and CEO.

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