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2 min read
Pulsara Welcomes New Member to Board of Directors

Brian Webster, CEO of Kestra Medical Technologies, brings significant healthcare expertise to Pulsara’s Board of...

7 min read
Arkansas EMS Org Improves Pediatric Behavioral Health Patient Care with Pulsara

The mental health of America’s youth is under duress, and it didn’t start with COVID-19. It’s a problem that’s been a...

10 min read
Modern MCI Response: How Texas is Solving the Crisis Communication Gap

Imagine: In the midst of a pandemic, you're managing patient load across a state that covers over 261,000 square miles...

10 min read
Streamlining Crisis Response: A Deep Dive Into MCIs and Large Events

Patient tracking during MCIs and pre-planned events is a complex operation with many moving parts. Every incident is...

7 min read
What Do You Need for True Interoperability?

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally appeared on EMS1.com. Special thanks to our guest author, John Erich, for EMS1...

6 min read
Pulsara Around the World - June 2024

May Recap

Our teams didn't lose steam after an incredibly busy April. They hit the ground running and exhibited at ten...

3 min read
Celebrating EMS Week: Honoring Our Past, Forging Our Future

Honoring Our Past. Forging Our Future.

That's the theme of this year's EMS Week, and it resonates deeply with us at...

6 min read
The Evolution of Patient Load Balancing: The Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council

During major emergencies like earthquakes, floods, or mass shootings, health resources can quickly become overwhelmed,...

4 min read
Inside Disaster Day: Pulsara's Perspectives from Texas A&M's Student-Led MCI Drill

While no one wants to think about the probability of an impending disaster, emergency managers and healthcare...

2 min read
Celebrating National Nurses Week: Nurses Make the Difference

Nurses play a pivotal role in healthcare, guiding both patients and their families through some of the most challenging...