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7 min read

Canadian Physicians Call for Telehealth Infrastructure and Training

As lawmakers and physicians debate what to do about telehealth restrictions in the wake of COVID-19, a growing number...

3 min read

An Easier Way to Coordinate Care—No Matter Where You Are

Have you ever had to coordinate care for a really sick patient that needed an immediate transfer or consult, and had to...

8 min read

Quadruple Aim: How One Telehealth Platform Is Changing the Game

Of all the various crises facing healthcare in 2020, there is one underlying root issue that directly affects all of...

23 min read

The Passion of a Serial Entrepreneur: An Interview by Brett Lyle with Kris Kaull

The Passion of a Serial Entrepreneur: To-Do Lists, Coaching, and Spilled Coffee

Pulsara CMO Kris Kaull recently had...

4 min read

TRAUMA: Radio Report (A One-Act Play by Jessie Senini)

TRAUMA: Radio Report

A One-Act Play by Jessie Senini

Unit 3245 has responded to a motorcycle accident with two injured...

3 min read

Three Keys to Silent Leadership

Special thanks to our guest author, Asbel Montes, for contributing today's blog. Asbel is the Senior Vice President of...

9 min read

911-Initiated Telemedicine: How Clinical Leaders Are Using Mobile Tech

As hospitals and EMS agencies in Colorado Springs, Colorado, watched organizations around the world respond to...

17 min read

Roundtable Discussion: The Future of the EMS Profession [2020 EMS Trend Report Part 5]

EDITOR'S NOTE: EMS1, Fitch & Associates, and the National EMS Management Association recently released their third...

4 min read

Australian Research Links Rise in Cardiac Deaths to Pandemic Precautions

As the world buckled under the weight of COVID-19, emergency protocols were put in place to protect as many people as...

4 min read

Here's What You Need to Know About the 21st Century Cures Act

Imagine: you need to see your doctor's notes from your last appointment, so you put in a request to view your clinical...