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3 min read

Press Release: Arkansas-Based Saline Memorial Hospital Reduces STEMI Treatment Times By 28% In 4 Months with Pulsara

How one rural Arkansas county is using integrated telehealth, communication, and logistics technology to treat patients...

3 min read

5 Keys to The Art of Customer Success in Healthcare Tech

Understanding Why Your Customer Operates the Way They Do, and How Your Product Can Help

Customer success is an art...

8 min read

Pulsara Around the World - Winter & 2021 Recap

2021 was yet another year of all things new and "unprecedented," and Pulsara has worked hard to keep up with the...

4 min read

Building a System of Care That Scales in a Stress Event

COVID-19 has taught us quite a bit about our current methods for communicating in a crisis. Whether you are currently...

10 min read

Pulsara's 2021 Case Studies: A Review of Results & Improved Patient Care

It has been a challenging year in healthcare. The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought burnout, staffing...

4 min read

Passing It Forward: Practicing Altruism in EMS with Pulsara

If you work in EMS, you experience many challenges during your shift. These challenges begin with always being in a...

2 min read

Stay Connected with Pulsara Calling

Pulsara assists healthcare organizations by enhancing their communication experience during a patient encounter. We...

2 min read

Ouachita County Medical Center Cuts DIDO for STEMI Patients by 50%

Ouachita County Medical Center (OCMC) is a not-for-profit hospital with 99 beds, serving residents of the rural...

3 min read

Unified Communication: A New System for Improving the Patient Journey

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on Becker's Hospital Review under the title "From communication silos...

11 min read

The Future of EMS: An Interview with Corey Ricketson (Part 2)

The past two years have done a great deal to redefine the shifting identity of EMS. COVID-19 changed a lot about how we...