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4 min read

New Zealand Looks to Improve Access to Health Data

In April of 2021, New Zealand Health Minister Andrew Little announced plans to abolish the 20 district health boards...

6 min read

What Do Medics Think About Community Paramedicine?

On March 2, 2021, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report detailing trends in the...

3 min read

Cognitive Bandwidth and Managing Yourself Before the Patient in EMS

The pager buzzes across the table as the lights flash and the tones drone through the crew room. You sit up straight,...

6 min read

Caring for Specialty Patients: 10 Things Every Medic Should Know

Editor's Note: The following content originally appeared on Special thanks to our guest blogger, Drew Rinella...

4 min read

Upcoming Webinar: Force Multiplier Patient Care

Force Multiplier Patient Care: How EMS Leaders are Revolutionizing the Industry through ET3 Clinic Partner Agencies &...

2 min read

Saline Memorial Hospital Reduces STEMI Treatment Times by 28% in 4 Months

Saline Memorial Hospital is the only full-service hospital in the rural area of Saline County, Arkansas. Serving...

10 min read

Are Pagers More Reliable Than Cell Phones?

Debunking the myths of integrated mobile technology

For a long time, pagers have been considered the logical choice for...

6 min read

How Telehealth Can Help With Staffing Shortages in EMS

It has been a rough eighteen months for all disciplines within healthcare. Since the start of the pandemic, call...

9 min read

10 Things You Need to Know to Prepare a Successful Grant Application

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Special thanks to our guest author,EMS1 BrandFocus Staff

10 min read

8 Places to Invest in Provider Safety

Editor's Note: On August 11th, EMS1, Fitch & Associates, and the National EMS Management Association released their...