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Josh Jordan

Josh Jordan

Josh began his EMS career in High School, and has since worked as an EMS Dispatcher, ER Technician, Firefighter, Paramedic, Reserve Peace Officer, and Flight Paramedic.

Posts by Josh Jordan

To Improve Treatment Times, It Pays to Become Obsessed with the Process [Part 1]

By Josh Jordan   |   January 10, 2020

Often times, I hear hospitals, coordinators, and providers say that one of their main goals is to improve treatment times for X condition, or Y service line. My next...

Our Reliance on Mobile Technology is Only Increasing. Here's What that Means for Clinicians.

By Josh Jordan   |   March 8, 2019

What would your life be like if one day someone came and took your smartphone away from you, never to be used again? I can tell you without a doubt, I would feel totally...

Real Time Video ... The New Age of Medicine?

By Josh Jordan   |   September 6, 2018

There has long been a debate over how many words a video is worth.

If “a picture is worth a 1,000 words,” then if we strung 10 pictures together would that technically be...

Our Care Teams are Playing a Dangerous Game ... And It's Costing Our Patients.

By Josh Jordan   |   April 3, 2018

For being a society that wants everything instantly, medicine is taking its time. Think about it … while we have made leaps and bounds in medical best practices and...

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