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3 min read

Save Money and Improve Patient Outcomes with Pulsara

“A 500-bed hospital loses more than $4 million annually as a result of communication inefficiencies.” — National Center...

4 min read

The Rural Healthcare Advantage: Continuity of Care

From bumpy back roads to the length of time it takes to travel to the doctor, rural healthcare faces a number of unique...

6 min read

Pulsara Version 11.2: Patient Creation Streamlined

November 19, 2020 - Bozeman, Montana - Pulsara recently announced the release of app version 11.2. Full release notes...

2 min read

The Mental Edge of Using Pulsara for All Patient Types

Last night, my wife and I were joyfully binge watching one of our favorite shows when the power went out. There was no...

5 min read

Patient-Centric Emergency Medicine’s New Standard: Mobile Communication

Are you using old, non-patient-centric communication technologies like pagers or phone calls (or even WhatsApp) to...

5 min read

Night Shift: Streamlining Communication for Off-Hours Patient Events

Emergencies don't slow down for nights and weekends. What can we do to improve outcomes for patients admitted during...

15 min read

Large Scale Disaster Prevention & Mitigation: Top 6 Takeaways (Webinar)

It's been a big year for large-scale emergencies. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, a pandemic — and responding to all...

3 min read

PRESS RELEASE: Pulsara Named 2020 Winner in the BIG Award for Business

BOZEMAN, Mont., Nov. 10, 2020Pulsara, the leading mobile telehealth and communication platform that connects...

8 min read

How to Choose the Right Telehealth Solution [Top 6 Questions To Ask]

Finding A Next-Generation Telehealth Plan Of Action For Your Hospital [Part 3]

Editor's note: This is the third...

2 min read

Video Interview: Australia’s Latrobe Regional Hospital & Ambulance Victoria

Earlier this year, in the weeks before COVID-19 changed life and healthcare as we know it, Latrobe Regional Hospital ...