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Through years of deploying new technology into regional systems of care, we have learned that configuring the technology and providing staff training are the easy parts, and that the heavy lifting really begins with adoption. So, at the point where most vendors are saying "best of luck" and moving on to their next customer, we are tightening our bootstraps and preparing for the long haul.

That's right! You won't lose our attention once implementation is complete. We understand the importance of the change ecosystem and are here to partner with you to ensure that you have the resources and skills to effectively support and manage change in your system. We're here for you! (Did you know we won a 2020 Excellence in Customer Service Award presented by Business Intelligence Group?) 





See What Our Customers Say About Our Support Team

"I have to say that the Pulsara team is not like any vendor we have worked with but truly a family. I have never been so connected with them as your philosophy is the same as our organization and that is you walk the talk of being about "PEOPLE". It has been an amazing journey with the team."

Rea Z. Berg, RN, BSN, MBAHCM Director, Emergency Department/Observation Unit



"Wes and Greg have been absolutely fantastic. We've been so impressed with the responsiveness of the 24-hour service, and if any questions ever arise, they are there to help us right away."

Jennifer Kurtz
Stroke Program Manager



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"Any time I call a CS team member they go above my expectations. They are so quick to respond and so helpful. When I ask for something new to be added or implemented they are finished doing it before I can even get to it on my end. I also like how they can do webinars and screenshots for ease of understanding. I love working with them!"

Jamee Gatzemeier
Stroke Program Coordinator




"The team I have worked with is amazing. Brittney and all of Team South are helpful and available to help very quickly. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their product. Pulsara cares about their customers and making an organization's program effective with better communication, patient outcomes, and saving time."

Crystal Guyse
Stroke Program Coordinator

St Dominics Hospital


"You guys are the most responsive, and you listen!"

Jim Cole
Regional EMS & Training Coordinator




"We have utilized Pulsara for STEMI for many years and recently have made the transition to utilizing it for our on-call Surgery team, Stroke, and Trauma. The Pulsara CS team, especially Brittney Nelson, made this transition seamless. They are both easy to work with and answer questions immediately and are always happy to assist. Other products we utilize for various things their CS teams are not as readily available and do not answer questions in a timely manner, we are thankful for our great relationship with Pulsara!"

Casey Rauschuber
Cardiovascular and Stroke Coordinator




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