Emergency Operations that Scale

Enable systems of care that scale, eliminate fragmentation of communication, and coordinate mutual aid — all on one communication and logistics platform.





Pulsara is the healthcare communications and logistics platform that unites teams and technologies during dynamic events.


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Incident & Event Management

In the midst of stress events, efficient communication is essential. Pulsara’s new functionality for incidents and events—from mass casualty (MCIs) and multiple patient incidents (MPIs) to football games or concerts—helps quickly scale emergency response allowing you to triage, track patients, and manage incidents—all on one united platform.

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Pulsara’s MED OPS™ package enables three key functions for managing healthcare resources and patient logistics:

1. Enable Systems of Care that Scale

Does your region rely on phone or radio calls to coordinate resources during an emergency response? Do you have technologies and protocols that you only use for stress events? What if you could instead use ONE tool to connect team members for ANY event? Pulsara is built to efficiently manage routine transports, transfers, and transitions of care as well as coordinate care for distributed teams across organizations for time sensitive emergencies like STEMI, stroke, burn and trauma.  However, it can also scale to help regions respond for mass casualty, fires, hurricanes, evacuations, pandemics, and other major stress events. Enable networked communication that can connect all members of the care team from any organization.



2. Coordinate Mutual Aid

Most healthcare organizations have established referral patterns that work well for the day-to-day. But in events that stress those traditionally available resources, they often need help from regional or state systems to quickly identify the closest appropriate facilities and resources with capacity. 

Achieve situational awareness: To provide truly effective mutual aid, you need a solution that can reach beyond traditional referral patterns of one facility, city, or county to allow entire states and regions to coordinate communication and patient level details clearly and instantly.


Imagine being a first responder during Hurricane Katrina. Now, imagine being a first responder during a hurricane of that magnitude, but the boots on the ground have an entire emergency network at their fingertips. Medics and first responders can quickly access medical control via live video so that you can provide unlimited expertise without sending teams into the most high-risk danger zones. Leveraging Pulsara’s telehealth capabilities, you can unite specialty care teams from anywhere.


3.Unite Care Teams Across Organizations

Transferring information with fragmented communication systems based on fax, phones, and radios is risky and breeds miscommunication. Instead, facilitate information sharing by uniting all care team members on a SINGLE communication and logistics channel with real-time, universal visibility into patient-level details and instant access to teleconsults for fully integrated communications.



Pulsara creates interoperability, reducing fragmentation of information by providing ONE dashboard where all data and communication can flow to and from any other organization.


Feature-Rich, Equipment-Light

Ditch archaic technology. During a multiple patient incident, Emergency Operations need to scale quickly. Pulsara MED OPS enables both scalability and flexibility to meet your region’s dynamically changing needs.

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With Pulsara, everything is encrypted, secure, cloud-based, and vetted by the nation's largest health organizations.

Live Audio/Video

Provide access to experts and specialists via teleconsult, or even place secure video calls to patients, witnesses, or family members.


With all teams using the same tool, emergency managers can be seamlessly inserted into workflows and scale up and down as needed.


Pulsara's functionality as a communication and logistics hub provides instant ability to add necessary regional or statewide resources, facilitating quick problem solving.

Built for Reliability

No expensive hardware, low cost IT support, no expensive LAN/WAN network costs, and natively designed to handle the unknown.

What can the Pulsara MED OPS™ package do for you?

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