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Using Pulsara ONE is simple:

patient channel


CREATE your patient channel.

custom team


ALERT the hospital with just a tap.




Pulsara ONE is FREE to both EMS and the receiving Emergency Department

With Pulsara ONE, you can notify the hospital for all inbound EMS transports - every case type, every time. And during time sensitive emergencies, Pulsara simplifies complexity so the right resources are ready when you arrive.

“We’re able to open up the application right at the patient’s side, and input pertinent information about their condition, and then with just the touch of a button, everybody gets that notification.”
Nick Romenesko Staff Development Manager
Ready to Simplify Your Communication?

“Pulsara gave us the opportunity to see where our downfalls were and provide quality improvement to actually address the issues that were there.”

Mark Price QA/QI Coordinator

Replace the Short Form and Patient Radio Report

With one way to do your job.

Tired of waiting for the ED to pick up phone or radio and giving a detailed hear report to someone who will never take care of the patient? How often do you have to repeat everything again once you arrive? 

Convey your important patient information once and ONLY once with Pulsara. Replace the short form report, the radio call, and your follow up call with the hospital, all on a single platform. No more redundant reporting. 

Psst ... worried the hospital will object to your new-age way of reporting? Let them know you'll pick up the tab -- Pulsara is FREE to EMS and the hospital when they sign up for our Prehospital Package. 



Wait. Go back. Free for EMS?

Yep, free means FREE. 

EMS is the backbone to any successful Communication Network. But how do you get EVERY HOSPITAL and EVERY EMS AGENCY on board?  By eliminating the cost for prehospital communication.

Don’t worry - we won’t go out of business.  Hospitals can choose to purchase additional functionality, and most do once they see the other problems we solve once entire regions are united. Honestly, it’s a no brainer for them as we help decrease variance in their system which leads to improved outcomes and efficiencies while decreasing costs. 



Reduce Your ECG Transmission Cost

To $0/month, to be exact. 

Use Pulsara to transmit images of the ECG, driver's license, medication list, or anything else you can imagine directly from the field to the hospital -- instantly and securely.

And, we now integrate with the ZOLL X-Series monitor! (Actually, Pulsara works with any monitor, but the ZOLL integration streamlines and simplifies your workflows even further). 



Instant Feedback

Close the loop with Pulsara.

What was the outcome of that stroke case you transported? What about that recent trauma case? 

We get it -- as part of the EMS team, you rely on follow up information to understand what went well with your case, and what could have been done better. With Pulsara, EMS is truly part of the team with instant case feedback. When the hospital knows the outcome, you know the outcome. It's that simple. 


Reduce Turn Around Times and Let the ED Pre-Register the Patient. 

Get back to what you do best -- treating patients. 

Waiting with your patient in a crowded ER is a huge waste of time, but it's also dangerous for your patient when you're dealing with a time sensitive emergency. 

With Pulsara, the ED can pre-register your patient and notify you about the exact room to take your patient to when you arrive. Faster access to treatment for them, and quicker turn around for you - that's what we call a win-win. 


Data for Reporting in One Place

The data you need, in the palm of your hand. 

Data is crucial for improving your systems of care. With Pulsara, effortlessly track Symptom Onset, First Medical Contact, and Definitive Treatment times. 

No more scrambling to compile reports based on data you're not sure you have. 

Want to have the STEMI, stroke, trauma, you-name-it treatment times for all the hospitals in your area on a single dashboard? Wait no longer!

"It's very user friendly and it definitely makes our job a lot easier."
Rick Arens Paramedic

Audio Clips, Real Time Video and Instant Chat

Communicate how it makes the most sense for your patient. Need to show the neurologist a patient's facial droop from the back of the ambulance? Just a tap. Want to upload the short form as an audio clip that the ENTIRE TEAM can access and replay? You got it. Just want to know if you can bypass the ED? Your answer is one chat message away. 

Using Pulsara’s live video capabilities, which allow for HIPAA-Compliant communications, telehealth providers can add a powerful tool to their existing offerings. 

Pulsara offers a variety of features to improve communications between telehealth providers and other patient care team members. With Pulsara’s live video capabilities, medics and specialists can connect in real time to ensure appropriate destination hospital selection and resource mobilization. And, users can video chat with specialists, regardless of the current location. Clinicians can even consult with other hospitals and facilitate an EMS transfer via live video communication.

See how it works!

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