It's About Time!

It's about time to rethink the way we communicate in time-sensitive emergencies. After all, when patient lives are on the line, we can't afford to waste a single second on outdated communication protocols.

Now, you can notify the hospital of that incoming STEMI activation or routine medical call - every case type, every time. AND, we are giving our Prehospital Package to EMS providers for free. Seriously. No Catch. Free means free. 


And rest assured, the subscription fee for alerting between EMS and the receiving hospital is FREE OF CHARGE. No strings attached.

This is a COMMUNITY effort between all stakeholders - your EMS system and receiving hospitals. Taking care of the patient is a TEAM effort.



Prehospital Alerting Software Package Features


One way to do your job

Tired of all the outdated, facility-specific technologies you have to use? Do you have a different protocol for each hospital? Do you ever actually get feedback about your patient after the case? Simplify your time sensitive emergencies with Pulsara. It's quick. Simple. And replaces the radio report.


Wait. Go back. Free for EMS?

It’s simple. Historically, EMS has been overlooked in the healthcare continuum and siloed from the rest of the hospital communications. We chose to do something to change that.

In healthcare, there are different patient workflows depending on location of the patient - prehospital, intrafacility and interfacility. That’s crazy! But integrating EMS into the critical care team communications, we're helping build a true Regional System of Care.


So let’s standardize.

We need to quit having a different process for each hospital and each EMS agency. Communication is communication and should be the simplest part of your job.

Our data shows that EMS users spend only seconds using the Pulsara app. That's much better than clunky technology and outdated radios. It’s time to focus on the patient.


I’m interested. What’s next?

This is a partnership and there’s some work to be done on both sides. If we are to change the conversation and standardize communication, it takes a commitment from all of us — Pulsara, EMS and the receiving facility.

We’re offering this to you at no cost. But, it’ll be your responsibility to engage the stakeholders in your community.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk alongside you throughout the entire process. In and effort to be totally transparent, we’ve laid that process out so you can see what you’re getting into. Keep in mind that you will have a dedicated Pulsara Expert team walking you through EVERYTHING.

Keep in mind, change is 80% people, 15% process and 5% technology. Pulsara is DESIGNED by clinicians to help you build your Regional System of Care.

No catch. No surprises. No hidden implementation fees. Nothing. You have our word!

Start simplifying your life!

Hey, want to see Pulsara in action? We'll show you. In fact, we're so convinced that you'll love it, we will book our own flights and come see you personally! Yup, that's right. A free consultation - in person - with all your stakeholders. No strings attached.

Fill out the form or give us a call (877-903-5642) and we will schedule a demo just for you.