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Pulsara Around the World - Winter & 2021 Recap

Pulsara Around the World - Winter & 2021 Recap

2021 was yet another year of all things new and "unprecedented," and Pulsara has worked hard to keep up with the rapidly changing healthcare system in this season of change. Join us as we look back at what Pulsara has been up to during the winter of 2021, and look ahead to what's coming up in 2022. 

Winter Recap:

Team Pulsara did not slow down this holiday season! From tradeshows to podcasts to case studies, we've had our hands full with lots of new events and content:

  • Team Pulsara attended four tradeshows all across the U.S., including the ANCC National Magnet Conference and the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit.
  • We released three significant case studies showcasing real stories from our customers about how Pulsara has aided them in decreasing treatment times and improving care team communication.
    • The Ouachita County Medical Center (OCMC) case study focused on how the hospital was able to decrease their STEMI DIDO by nearly half by leveraging the Pulsara platform. Download the case study to learn more about the life-saving impact these numbers made in their small rural community.
    • In late 2020, Saline Memorial Hospital partnered with Pulsara to decrease their first medical contact-to-device time. Their times dropped from 105 minutes in December of 2020 to 75 minutes in March of 2021—a 28% decrease over four months, and a full 15 minutes under the ACC and AHA recommendations. Download the case study to learn how they improved their treatment times over such a short period of time.

    • EvergreenHealth’s legacy communication technology couldn’t keep up with their growing organization and number of high acuity patients. So, they decided to deploy Pulsara, a communication and telehealth solution that could scale with them, to improve communication across their growing system. Download the Evergreen Health case study to read more about how they were able to decrease their door-to-puncture times by 41% with Pulsara.


  • Pulsara also released two webinars, presented by our team as well as some of our customers who have seen a real difference through our platform.
    • In mid-November, Joey Branton, Sr. Vice President - Strategic Initiatives at Pulsara, hosted a webinar discussing “The Future-Proof Health System.” His presentation provided actionable takeaways to replace the silos of communication that separate care teams with systems of care that scale. 

Press Release 20211030 HealthTechZone Award Press Release - healthtechzone-staff-pulsara-calling-video-md-to-md-consult@1200x628

2021 Highlights:

Here are a few of our major innovations, releases, and awards from 2021:

  • The Pulsara Marketing and Regional teams have worked hard to create content showcasing our customers' wins. Check out this case study review to see how Pulsara has been a catalyst to the positive results and improved patient care in organizations across the world.
  • Pulsara has met 2021's complex problems with innovation and simple solutions. Here are just a few of the many releases that have radically changed patient care and communication across organizations: 
    • Pulsara HQ: This browser version command center enhances patient coordination and allows access to all patients within your organization, regardless of method of arrival.


    • Pulsara Summary Report: The PSR is a standardized summary of Pulsara data that can be printed or attached to an EHR record and is viewable within Pulsara HQ and Pulsara MANAGER.
    • Flowchart Notes: These notes have configurable templated documentation within the app, which you can make viewable and editable across organizations. 
    • Scan US driver's licenses: This simple solution allows for quick and seamless case creation to ensure efficiency during a time-sensitive emergency. 
    • Change patient type from General to another type, one time: Often the patient type can be unknown until you have sufficient time with the patient. This new feature allows for the case to be started as a General, and, when the details of the case are better known, it can be updated to another patient type. For example: your patient is experiencing chest pain. You have the ability to classify this patient as General, and can later update their file to STEMI.
    • Pulsara Calling: Users have access to live audio and video, as well as enabled group video conferencing within and across organizations.


    • Philips Monitor integration: Pulsara had the opportunity to showcase its latest ECG integration with the Philips Tempus Pro advanced patient monitor at the 2021 UK Emergency Services Show. This state-of-the-art integration enables ambulance services to share Philips monitor diagnostic quality 12-lead ECGs directly with the ER before arrival—across the Pulsara communication platform—enabling clinical teams to prepare for the patient’s arrival quickly.   

philips-medics@1200x800 (1)


It has been a notably difficult year for everyone, especially when the majority of the social interaction is confined to a small screen. However, here at Pulsara, we believe that those screens and technology are the very things that have been able to keep us afloat. Through those screens, we have been able to stay in touch with our loved ones, we've said our first hellos and last goodbyes, and we have had the opportunity to help people in need and those who serve them through efficient communication.

All in all, 2021 has been full of new opportunities to discover the future of healthcare. And as the year comes to a close, Pulsara wishes you a very happy new year full of health, happiness, and hope.

Coming up in 2022:

In January, eight of our Pulsarians will have the opportunity to attend the 2022 National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, from January 10 to January 15. We hope to see you there!


Have a conference you'd like Pulsara to (virtually) exhibit at? Submit an exhibitor request here.

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