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Press Release: Pulsara Selected as a JEMS 2021 Hot Product Winner at EMS Today

Press Release: Pulsara Selected as a JEMS 2021 Hot Product Winner at EMS Today

Pulsara’s powerful new functionality has received special recognition for its innovative and practical contributions to EMS and patient care. 

BOZEMAN, Mont., September 13, 2021Pulsara, the leading mobile telehealth, communication, and logistics platform that unites healthcare teams and technologies across organizations during dynamic events, and JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) are proud to announce the selection of Pulsara as a 2021 Hot Product at the virtual EMS Today Conference & Exposition. Pulsara’s newest functionality allows EMS teams to practice at an expanded scope with dynamic tools, including group video conferencing, deep linking, the Pulsara Summary Report, and more.

Through Pulsara, EMS can alert their Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) team for a patient who may be sick but not critical. The community paramedic arrives on scene, communicates via live video with their medical director, connects the patient with their primary physician, and creates a healthcare plan. This frees up ambulance crews to remain available for time-sensitive emergencies while less critical patients can receive treatment without transport.

Pulsara was selected for the 2021 JEMS Hot Product Award by a panel of judges made up of emergency medical services (EMS) product specialists, physicians, educators, administrators, and paramedics. Judges reviewed products that enable EMS agencies to better deliver optimal emergency medical care to sick and injured patients.

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Products were evaluated based on the following categories: 1) Originality, 2) Functionality, 3) Ease of use, and 4) Need in the EMS setting. Pulsara was selected as a Hot Product after the EMS Today Hot Products review team assessed and rated dozens of products.

“To earn the title of a JEMS Hot Product, a product has to be innovative and practical,” said JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman. “Submissions this year were truly revolutionary and highly functional. That shows our industry is keeping pace with the current science of emergency medicine and companies are developing or upgrading products to stay ahead of the curve.”

Pulsara is the healthcare communications and logistics platform that unites teams and technologies during dynamic events. Replacing archaic technologies like pagers, radios, and faxes with live video, audio, instant messaging, image sharing, and more, Pulsara unites the entire care team on one patient channel. Care providers see reduced treatment times, increased and streamlined inter-organizational communication, reduced costs, and improved lives for both patients and caregivers.

“To be recognized by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services as a 2021 JEMS Hot Product is truly an honor,” said Hannah Ostrem, Senior Director of Marketing at Pulsara. “Our customers are working hard to care for patients, so it’s important to us to do everything in our power to help them succeed. From the rural care teams to the urban multi-facility healthcare organization to the emergency medical operations task force COVID-19 response teams, supporting each person and team towards better communication, coordination, and care for their patients is what drives us onward.” 

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JEMS is the authoritative source of information on prehospital emergency care for EMS providers worldwide. JEMS presents provocative and challenging articles and columns on clinical breakthroughs, industry news and trends, new products and continuing education. Visit www.jems.com for more information.

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EMS Today offers networking with thousands of EMS professionals from around the world, countless hands-on experiences, 200+ CEH opportunities and the most innovative products and services available to the industry displayed by over 250 exhibiting companies. EMS Today is produced by JEMS, the leader in EMS education for over 37 years. EMS Today is a unique – and stimulating – experience for EMS personnel worldwide, and it is supported and fed by the credibility, quality and excellence of JEMS.

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About Pulsara

Pulsara is the healthcare communications and logistics platform that unites teams and technologies during dynamic patient events. Pulsara improves the lives of people in need and those who serve them by enabling teams everywhere to achieve their mission. The simplicity to add a new organization, team, or individual to any encounter, dynamically building a care team as the patient condition and location evolves make Pulsara uniquely powerful.

Simply CREATE a dedicated patient channel. BUILD the team. Then COMMUNICATE and TRACK using audio, live video, instant messaging, data, images, and key benchmarks. Studies report an average decreased treatment time of approximately 30% when using Pulsara. Pulsara is the evidence-based standard of care. For more information, visit www.pulsara.com.


Press Contact:

Hannah Ostrem
Senior Director of Marketing, Pulsara
(877) 903-5642

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