Corey Ricketson

Vice President - National Accounts

Have you ever met a crazy inventor? You know, the one who finds the most brilliant solution to upgrade the simplest of products? 

Well, now you have — meet Corey Ricketson.
Imagine ...
A world in which corndog sticks distribute condiments in an efficient and clean way for the perfect culinary experience.
Or, where your kids' car seat clip is "smart," ensuring they are never accidentally left in a hot vehicle.
These are common creations in the brain of our Regional VP, Corey.
Corey is a Texas resident, and perhaps a unique blend of GQ meets cowboy? He got started in Healthcare at the age of 15, but his journey to paramedicine was anything but ordinary. While attending Sam Houston State for pre-med, Corey woke up in an ambulance after riding a bareback bronco. Those heroes impressed him so greatly, he traded in his organic chemistry lab for a cape and went to paramedic school!
(Oh and if you're wondering, Corey continued to rodeo, but just stuck with roping cows instead of riding bucking horses. Good call, Corey).
At Austin-Travis County EMS, Corey quickly rose through the ranks, serving as a rescue medic, flight paramedic, and special operations commander. Having always had a love and passion for process improvement and stellar clinical delivery, Corey joined ESO Solutions, an ePCR startup in 2008, and helped grow the company from 18 clients to over 4,000.
In all things, medicine, Corey has a particular love for the pediatric specialty, Corey joined the amazing team at Handtevy, where he fulfilled a commitment he’s always made to himself— to work in a job that makes a positive impact on society and pushes the world to be a better place.
At Pulsara, Corey says his goals are to make a meaningful impact on healthcare by helping clinicians deliver safe, efficient and accountable care while changing the buying experience from a sterile process to an inviting partnership. Corey thrives on teamwork and loves working alongside the most talented in the industry. Besides, his innate desire to coordinate the Pulsara colors to his Lululemon tailored pants and fancy shoes is a revered challenge.
At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Corey on LinkedIn.