Corey Ricketson

Senior Vice President - Strategic Accounts

Corey Ricketson has been a leading innovator and thought leader in the executive healthcare communications industry. 

After getting his start in healthcare at the age of 15, Corey quickly rose through the ranks at Austin-Travis County EMS, serving as a rescue medic, flight paramedic, and special operations commander. Having always had a passion for process improvement and stellar clinical delivery, Corey joined ESO Solutions, an ePCR startup, in 2008. He helped grow the company from 18 clients to over 4,000. Corey’s particular love for the pediatric specialty led him to join the amazing team at Handtevy, where he fulfilled a commitment he’s always made to himself: to work in a job that makes a positive impact on society and pushes the world to be a better place.

As Senior VP of Strategic Accounts, Corey’s goals are to streamline patient movement workflow, advance interoperability, and improve communications towards healthy systems of care. Staying ahead of an ever-changing and demanding emergency management and healthcare ecosystem is a challenging, yet rewarding proposition that keeps Corey waking up excited every day. Dedicated to creating a safer and more efficient patient experience by leveraging technology, connecting care teams, and ensuring the continuum of care is seamless and transparent, Corey thrives on teamwork and loves working alongside the most talented in the industry. 

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Corey on LinkedIn.