Audrey Peart

Audrey Peart

Audrey is Pulsara's Office Manager, who makes sure life at Pulsara is the best it can be. With experience in event planning, Audrey also ensures Pulsara's attendance at conferences goes off without a hitch.

Posts by Audrey Peart

Pulsara Around the Country - May 2019

By Audrey Peart   |   April 29, 2019

April Recap:

Did you catch our exciting release announcement at the beginning of the month? Don't worry, Pulsara Earth will still be here for all your earthly, human, and...

The Future of Space Force Communications is Spaceara [Press Release]

By Audrey Peart   |   April 1, 2019


Bozeman, MT -- April 1, 2019 -- In space, everyone will be able to hear you scream with Pulsara’s newest venture: Spaceara – Pulsara for Space! Don’t...

Pulsara Around the Country - April

By Audrey Peart   |   March 29, 2019

March Recap:

Hello, is it Spring you're looking for? Well, we found it and eight trade shows in March. Clearly, the time change on the 10th didn't slow us down! Our teams...

Pulsara Around the Country - March

By Audrey Peart   |   February 27, 2019

Heart-uary Recap:

We managed to pack four trade shows - and two huge announcements - into the shortest month of the year. During the International Stroke Conference in...

Pulsara Around the Country - February

By Audrey Peart   |   January 29, 2019

January Recap:

Well, 2019 is certainly off to a great start! Not only did we start working with a slew of healthcare entities in Virginia, during the NAEMSP Annual Meeting...

Pulsara Around the Country - January

By Audrey Peart   |   December 27, 2018

December and 2018 Recap:

In 2018, our teams attended 30 trade shows/conferences in 15 states across the country. 2018 was an exciting year as the Pulsara application...

Pulsara Around the Country - December

By Audrey Peart   |   November 29, 2018

November Recap:

It was an exciting beginning of the month as we announced our new integration with the ZOLL X Series Monitor during EMS World at the end of...

Pulsara Around the Country - November

By Audrey Peart   |   November 1, 2018

October Recap:

Our EMS World Expo team is currently representing Pulsara in Nashville (#PulsaraTakesNashville). Not one, but THREE of our attending team members are...

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