Audrey Peart

Audrey Peart

Audrey is Pulsara's Events and Digital Marketing Manager, bringing social media and ad creation prowess to the team! With experience in event planning, Audrey also ensures Pulsara's attendance at conferences goes off without a hitch.

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Pulsara Around the Country - August 2021

By Audrey Peart on Jul 30, 2021

July Recap

With our teams attending two trade shows — one in Georgia and the other in Mississippi — it seemed like the south couldn't get enough of our Pulsarians in July (or of Pulsara CMO Kris Kaull, who gave the keynote and presented a session at the ENGAGE User Conference). 

"Hello? Can you see us now?" That's right, folks! In July, Pulsara introduced an enhancement to the platform's calling capabilities — Group Video Conferencing!  The upgrade gives care teams the power to add multiple team members across organizations onto one video call.

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Pulsara Around the Country - July 2021

By Audrey Peart on Jun 30, 2021

June Recap

As many areas of the U.S. reached record-high temps, our Pulsarians managed to keep their cool in June as they kicked off the return to in-person trade shows, attending two stateside, and our first internationally in Dubai. 

June was a big month for Pulsara for another reason....we announced our first annual healthcare and user group Conference, Pulsara CONNECT! Coming to you virtually from the comfort of your home on October 12 - 13, Pulsara CONNECT is our way of giving back to the healthcare community after a challenging and transformative year. Registration is now open for the FREE virtual Pulsara CONNECT Conference.

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Pulsara Around the Country - June 2021

By Audrey Peart on May 26, 2021

2021...So Far

It's (maybe not-so) hard to believe that we're almost halfway through 2021! With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out and states opening up again, tradeshow season is once again upon us. Before we take a look at where our Pulsarians are heading in June, let's venture into the past for a quick recap of how Team Pulsara has been spending the first half of 2021. 

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Upcoming Session: Plug the Hole! Leveraging Telehealth to Stop System Leakage

By Audrey Peart on Mar 12, 2021

Join Pulsara Regional Sales Manager, Northeast, Forrest Winslow, BSED, RN, NRP on Tuesday, March 23 at 1:15 pm CT for the session 'Plug the Hole! Leveraging Telehealth to Stop System Leakage' during Becker's Telehealth Virtual Forum. In this session, Forrest will take you on a journey from EMS to the ED and then to a hub-to-spoke scenario. You’ll see firsthand how these different organizations leveraged a telehealth platform to identify where system leakage was coming from, how they created automatic referral patterns to mitigate patient transfers, and ultimately increased ROI and patient loyalty.

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - Winter & 2020 Recap

By Audrey Peart on Nov 30, 2020

Autumn & 2020 RECAP

Fall will still be in full swing when this post comes out but winter—which some northern states are already experiencing—is well on its way. What exactly has Team Pulsara been up to since we last connected at the beginning of October? Well...

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - Autumn 2020

By Audrey Peart on Oct 02, 2020


The end of summer for Pulsara was filled with two months of virtual events, client successes, eBook releases, and so much more. Check out how our teams spent the remaining days of summer:

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - End of Summer 2020

By Audrey Peart on Aug 05, 2020

Summer 2020 Recap

Like trying to find cooler temperatures in August, our events schedule has almost been nonexistent this summer. So, what did we spend our summer doing? Well....

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - May & Summer 2020

By Audrey Peart on Apr 29, 2020

April 2020 Recap

Before COVID-19 put a stop to all public gatherings and social-distancing became the new norm, Pulsara was registered to attend seven conferences across the country in April. Most were cancelled or postponed, with the exception of the Singing River Health System's 8th Annual Stroke Symposium, which was held virtually. We may not have exhibited at the event but we did continue to sponsor the virtual conference.

In April, Pulsara also won and was a finalist for a couple of awards, we presented an enriching webinar, and we were featured in interviews by our clients: 

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - April

By Audrey Peart on Mar 31, 2020

March 2020 Recap

Before events across the county were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams managed to travel to the Sunshine State for EMS Today and the Palmetto State for the SC Emergency Care Symposium. While our events schedule was light, the announcements we made in March were anything but. In March we: 

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Pulsara Around the Country - March 2020

By Audrey Peart on Feb 28, 2020

February 2020 Recap: 

February might not be the longest month but it was certainly the busy! Our teams attended five conferences throughout the month AND made a pretty amazing announcement: during the International Stroke Conference, we released a case study that focused on Miami Valley Hospital's integration of Pulsara and RapidAI to enhance the hospital's processes for stroke treatment. 

March will be another slow burner for us as we head at three conferences - all of which take place at the beginning of the month! 

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Pulsara Around the Country - February 2020

By Audrey Peart on Jan 28, 2020

January 2020 Recap: 

January's event schedule was a little quiet compared to normal, as our teams traded one sunny and warm location for another: they attended events in California (NAEMSP) and Louisiana (Neuro/Cardio Update). Our event calendar may have been light, but the time spent at these events was enriching as we connected with Pulsara champions, clients, and partners (pictured below, our table next to RAPID at the Neuro/Cardio Update). 

We'll be picking up the pace next month during American Heart Month as we make our way to five events across the country. 

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Pulsara Around the Country - January 2020

By Audrey Peart on Dec 23, 2019

December 2019 and Year-End Recap: 

In December, our teams traveled (sadly not by sleigh) to Kentucky, Washington, and Florida where they presented posters and spread the Pulsara cheer from EMS agencies to hospital systems across the country. 2019 was a whirlwind year for team Pulsara. We nearly doubled the number of trade shows we attended from 30 in 2018 to 62 (!!) in 2019, making our way across 23 states from coast (Hawaii) to coast (Florida). We announced our partnerships with iSchemaView and ImageTrend, earned a listing in the FirstNet App Catalog, welcomed a new President to Team Pulsara, were recognized as one of the Ten Best New Tech Companies in Montana, and received a SIIA CODiE Award for Best Healthcare Technology Solution.

With the close of December, we usher in a new year and a new decade! While 2020 may be off to a slower start (trade show wise, anyways) in January, you can bet your bottom dollar next year will be one of our most exciting to date! 

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Pulsara Around the Country - December 2019

By Audrey Peart on Nov 27, 2019

November Recap:

The Pulsara team worked hard for the bountiful feast they all enjoyed at the end of November (Thanksgiving). Our teams attended eight conferences across the midwest and south, were featured in a webinar hosted by EMS World, and released new STEMI and Stroke Case Demonstrations. 

With the craziness of November and Black Friday behind us, we're going to slow things down a bit in December. Much like a certain white haired, jolly old man, our teams will be traveling (sans reindeer...that we know of) from coast to coast spreading the holiday Pulsara cheer. We hope attendees of the KHDSP Task Force Meeting, IHI National Forum, and Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit will be as excited to see us as Buddy was to see Santa. 

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Pulsara Around the Country - November 2019

By Audrey Peart on Nov 01, 2019

Spooktober Recap:

October was full of more treats than tricks for our team. They spoke at three conferences - NC EMS Expo, Becker's Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference, and EMS World -, we released v 10.9 (hello, can you hear us better with the improved video and VoIP calls?), announced our partnership with ImageTrend to extend data exchange options, and were selected as an EMS World Innovation Award Finalist for our new EMS Handoff feature that lets first responders start a case and hand off the patient to EMS. 

As you can see, instead of slowing the Pulsara team down, the cold weather makes us work harder than ever. Even as we enter stuffing and huffing season, our teams won't be dragging from the tryptophan that's about to enter the air in November. 

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Pulsara Around the Country - October 2019

By Audrey Peart on Oct 04, 2019

September Recap:

September was by far the busiest event month of 2019. We attended a whopping 11 shows in seven states throughout the continental US - we even managed to attend conferences in both of the Carolinas - and released Pulsara v. 10.8. We won't let the cooler temps, beautiful foliage, early snow storms (yes, snow!), or the start of the holiday season keep us distracted from what is going to be an exciting fall season. 

We've got a BIG announcement coming out during Spooktober as our teams make their way to Chicago, NOLA, Columbia, and Buffalo. 

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Pulsara Around the Country - September 2019

By Audrey Peart on Sep 06, 2019

August Recap:

The last full month of summer was filled with our coverage of the 2019 EMS Trend Report and sent our teams to Arkansas, Mississippi, and Colorado for conferences that covered EMS, Trauma, and Critical Care. August may have been one of our more quieter months, but, unlike the bears in Montana, our warmer months spent 'hibernating' will lead to one incredibly busy fall. With a whopping 18 events (12 of which are in September) and a major announcement, fall 2019 is set to be one of our most exciting seasons yet!

Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows, Expos, matter what you call them, we're going to be heading to all of them in September! 

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Pulsara Around the Country - August 2019

By Audrey Peart on Jul 29, 2019

June & July Recap:

Our events calendar for June and July was a little lighter than the super busy spring and fall conference schedules we have, but that doesn't mean Pulsara hasn't been busy! Not only did we release version 10.7 of our platform (chock full of clinician requested updates), we were also named one of the Best Tech Startups in Bozeman, AND we partnered with Vonage to enable mobile telehealth capabilities! 

If you've been following this trade show blog and looking at the pages we build, you might notice something a little different with this batch. Team Marketing and SmartBug Media have been hard at work to create a new event page template that we'll be using from here on out. Though it may change somewhere down the line, as all things do, we hope you enjoy this new look for the time being! 

August takes our teams on the road again, with two symposiums in Mississippi and Colorado.

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Pulsara Around the Country - Summer 2019

By Audrey Peart on May 31, 2019

May Recap:

May sure was a busy month for the Pulsara team! We revamped our About Us page and added an Events page to our website, released Pulsara v. 10.6, were named as a finalist for the SIIA CODiE Awards for Best Healthcare Technology Solution, and our teams attended whopping NINE trade shows across the land.

As the craziness of spring slows down during the (hopefully) slow, hot summer months, so does our events schedule as we head to two conferences at the end of June and one in July.

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Pulsara Around the Country - May 2019

By Audrey Peart on Apr 29, 2019

April Recap:

Did you catch our exciting release announcement at the beginning of the month? Don't worry, Pulsara Earth will still be here for all your earthly, human, and healthcare communication needs 😉. While spring was still yet to be seen in April in Montana, our teams were seen out and about around the Northwest US (Colorado and Idaho). As we're typing this, some of our Pulsarians are making their way to Idaho for the New Frontier Emergency Medicine Conference where a room full people will be able to learn about the necessity of regional communication networks from the one and only, Pulsara Founder & CEO, James Woodson

May the force be with our teams as they head to six shows across the country in May. 

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The Future of Space Force Communications is Spaceara [Press Release]

By Audrey Peart on Apr 01, 2019


Bozeman, MT -- April 1, 2019 -- In space, everyone will be able to hear you scream with Pulsara’s newest venture: Spaceara – Pulsara for Space! Don’t worry, Pulsara - now dubbed "Pulsara Earth" - will still be available as we continue to work towards universe domination through united teams.

“The decision to work with NASA’s Moon to Mars program was an easy one,” said Pulsara President, Dale Pearson. “I’ve always had my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. I hoped I’d be involved with a product that would make it to space. Now, I am.”

Pulsara took a page on what not to do from Armageddon. Instead of trying to train our team to become astronauts, we trained the astronauts to use Pulsara, which was extremely easy since they’re all brilliant…and Pulsara is so simple to use. “But, cell phones? In space? Won’t they float away?” Don’t worry, we clearly thought about that! Working closely with NASA, we’ve created a special arms comm band that’s fitted directly into the astronauts’ suits. Similar to the app, they simply tap which module they need to use and, with the aid of a hidden stylus pen, communicate away. 

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