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Pulsara Around the World - August 2022

By Audrey Peart on Aug 05, 2022

June & July Recap

Over the past two months, our team has attended four conferences worldwide and presented virtual and in-person sessions with topics focusing on addressing urban and rural healthcare access through broadband connectivity and the role of stupidity in EMS

What else has Team Pulsara been up to for the past two months? Let's take a look!

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Pulsara Around the World - June & July 2022

By Audrey Peart on Jun 01, 2022

May Recap

May was the busiest trade show month for Team Pulsara, with our teams attending a whopping 11 shows across the globe. And events weren't the only things keeping the team busy in May! See our highlights from last month below.

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Pulsara Around the World - May 2022

By Audrey Peart on May 02, 2022

April Recap

The fourth month of the year proved to be an exciting month for Team Pulsara. While we only attended three conferences in person—and sponsored two virtual conferences—our teams were hard at work expanding the Pulsara platform to include new patient types that will enable your teams to scale as each patient case evolves. 

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Pulsara Around the World - April 2022

By Isabella Rapp on Mar 30, 2022

Spring has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and daylight savings has come and gone (hopefully for the last time!)... which means we are already a quarter of the way through 2022! Continue reading to discover what Pulsara has been up to in March and all the great opportunities coming our way in April.

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Pulsara Around the World - March 2022

By Isabella Rapp on Feb 25, 2022

It has now been a full two months of accidentally writing "2021" instead of "2022," and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon. While still adjusting to the new year, Team Pulsara has been excited to jump into the ever-growing list of awesome conferences available around the globe!

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Pulsara Around the World - February 2022

By Isabella Rapp on Jan 26, 2022


Pulsara's first conference of the year was a success! With seven of our Pulsarians in attendance - including our CEO/Founder and President - the NAEMSP Conference in San Diego, CA created opportunities to strengthen relationships with customers and nurture relationships with those seeking positive change in their healthcare system. 

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Pulsara Around the World - Winter & 2021 Recap

By Isabella Rapp on Dec 29, 2021

2021 was yet another year of all things new and "unprecedented," and Pulsara has worked hard to keep up with the rapidly changing healthcare system in this season of change. Join us as we look back at what Pulsara has been up to during the winter of 2021, and look ahead to what's coming up in 2022. 

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Pulsara Around the World - November and December 2021

By Isabella Rapp on Oct 29, 2021

With back-to-back events all month, October has come and gone in a flash. Let's take a look at the exciting things Team Pulsara has been up to in October, and find out where you can catch us on the road in November and December.

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Upcoming Webinar: Force Multiplier Patient Care

By Nathan Williams on Oct 13, 2021

Force Multiplier Patient Care: How EMS Leaders are Revolutionizing the Industry through ET3 Clinic Partner Agencies & Mobile Technology

What if you could keep hundreds of low-acuity patients a week from having to needlessly go to the emergency room? And what if, by doing so, you could reduce or eliminate the challenge of slow turnaround times, free up much-needed EMS and hospital resources, and help patients get the care they need faster, more affordably, and more efficiently?

Austin-Travis County EMS is doing just that. With a scalable system of care, they kept 434 low-acuity patients out of the hospital in just three weeks—rerouting them to faster and more appropriate care via the interconnected support of their ET3 clinic partner agency and the telehealth communications and logistics platform Pulsara.

Presented by Steve White, Commander of Texas’s Austin-Travis County EMS Collaborative Care Communication Center Initiative (C4), along with Dr. Carlos Navarro, Medical Director for Care Value Optimization, Austin market WellMed Medical Management, the speakers will share tangible takeaways and cutting-edge insights that you can apply to your own organization today.

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Pulsara Around the World - October 2021

By Isabella Rapp on Sep 29, 2021

September Recap

To kick off a busy September, Pulsara was selected as a JEMS 2021 Hot Product Winner at EMS Today! Pulsara’s newest version and functionality allow emergency services teams to practice at an expanded scope with dynamic tools, including group video conferencing, deep linking, the Pulsara Summary Report, and more.

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Pulsara Around the World - September 2021

By Isabella Rapp on Sep 01, 2021

August Recap

It was a busy month for Regional Sales Manager Wes Wood and others as they staffed the Pulsara booth at two in-person conferences and one virtual event. From Phoenix, AZ to San Antonio, TX, the flexibility and scalability of both our platform and team were evident at these exhibitions. 

COVID-19 has not seemed to slow down over the last few months; however, Pulsara is working hard to help our customers and their communities effectively manage the surge of patients and transfers throughout hospitals.  Both the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force (TX EMTF) and the Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) in Texas have leveraged Pulsara as an innovative solution and are able to not only reduce excessive phone calls, but also monitor their patients all through the mobile platform.

Pulsara also made groundbreaking strides forward in a rural and underserved Colorado community by integrating a telehealth and community paramedicine program with emergency services and hospitals in the area. After its success, the Teller County, CO leaders worked with Pulsara to publish a case study highlighting the radical development of their communities and how other emergency services agencies across the globe can do the same. Check out the video below:


As we head into the month of September, we kick off a busy conference season. Here's where you can find us!

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Pulsara Around the Country - August 2021

By Audrey Peart on Jul 30, 2021

July Recap

With our teams attending two trade shows — one in Georgia and the other in Mississippi — it seemed like the south couldn't get enough of our Pulsarians in July (or of Pulsara CMO Kris Kaull, who gave the keynote and presented a session at the ENGAGE User Conference). 

"Hello? Can you see us now?" That's right, folks! In July, Pulsara introduced an enhancement to the platform's calling capabilities — Group Video Conferencing!  The upgrade gives care teams the power to add multiple team members across organizations onto one video call.

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Pulsara Around the Country - July 2021

By Audrey Peart on Jun 30, 2021

June Recap

As many areas of the U.S. reached record-high temps, our Pulsarians managed to keep their cool in June as they kicked off the return to in-person trade shows, attending two stateside, and our first internationally in Dubai. 

June was a big month for Pulsara for another reason....we announced our first annual healthcare and user group Conference, Pulsara CONNECT! Coming to you virtually from the comfort of your home on October 12 - 13, Pulsara CONNECT is our way of giving back to the healthcare community after a challenging and transformative year. Registration is now open for the FREE virtual Pulsara CONNECT Conference.

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Save The Date! Pulsara Announces First Annual Healthcare & User Group Conference, Pulsara CONNECT

By Team Pulsara on Jun 21, 2021

CONNECT with industry leaders on the latest research and best practices in STEMI, stroke, and emergency management in a post-COVID-19 world. 

BOZEMAN, Mont., June 21, 2021  Pulsara, the leading telehealth and communication platform that connects teams across organizations, announced today the company’s inaugural Pulsara CONNECT Conference. Slated for October 12-13, 2021, this FREE virtual international experience allows attendees to engage with world-class industry experts and thought leaders across the healthcare community. With four tracks—EMS/Community Paramedicine, STEMI/Cardiac, Stroke/Neuro, and DES/Emergency Management—attendees will take away tangible best practices that they can incorporate within their region. Topics include everything from the latest research and best practices surrounding time-sensitive emergencies to creating systems of care that scale in a world attempting to recover from COVID-19 and prepare for what might be next.

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Pulsara Around the Country - June 2021

By Audrey Peart on May 26, 2021

2021...So Far

It's (maybe not-so) hard to believe that we're almost halfway through 2021! With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out and states opening up again, tradeshow season is once again upon us. Before we take a look at where our Pulsarians are heading in June, let's venture into the past for a quick recap of how Team Pulsara has been spending the first half of 2021. 

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - Winter & 2020 Recap

By Audrey Peart on Nov 30, 2020

Autumn & 2020 RECAP

Fall will still be in full swing when this post comes out but winter—which some northern states are already experiencing—is well on its way. What exactly has Team Pulsara been up to since we last connected at the beginning of October? Well...

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - Autumn 2020

By Audrey Peart on Oct 02, 2020


The end of summer for Pulsara was filled with two months of virtual events, client successes, eBook releases, and so much more. Check out how our teams spent the remaining days of summer:

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - End of Summer 2020

By Audrey Peart on Aug 05, 2020

Summer 2020 Recap

Like trying to find cooler temperatures in August, our events schedule has almost been nonexistent this summer. So, what did we spend our summer doing? Well....

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - May & Summer 2020

By Audrey Peart on Apr 29, 2020

April 2020 Recap

Before COVID-19 put a stop to all public gatherings and social-distancing became the new norm, Pulsara was registered to attend seven conferences across the country in April. Most were cancelled or postponed, with the exception of the Singing River Health System's 8th Annual Stroke Symposium, which was held virtually. We may not have exhibited at the event but we did continue to sponsor the virtual conference.

In April, Pulsara also won and was a finalist for a couple of awards, we presented an enriching webinar, and we were featured in interviews by our clients: 

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Pulsara Event Schedule Update - April

By Audrey Peart on Mar 31, 2020

March 2020 Recap

Before events across the county were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our teams managed to travel to the Sunshine State for EMS Today and the Palmetto State for the SC Emergency Care Symposium. While our events schedule was light, the announcements we made in March were anything but. In March we: 

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