New Mission: Lifeline Stroke Documents for Prehospital LVO care -- What You Need to Know

By Kris Kaull   |   March 2, 2017

This past week at the International Stroke Conference in Houston, Mission: Lifeline Stroke released two documents related to prehospital LVO care.


Here's What Your Patients Wish You'd Gotten Them for Valentine's Day

By Scott Stanley   |   February 16, 2017

... No, it's not chocolates and flowers.

The medical research community is continually providing us with exciting new technology and clinical findings that can make our...


All Hospitals Are Not Created Equal: Choosing the Wrong One Could Cost Patients Their Lives

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   February 14, 2017

We make decisions all day, every day. Most of them are taken care of in our sub-conscience, and we don't even have to think about them. But others decisions are more...


Pulsara App Version 5.4 Includes New Functionalities and Simplified User Screens [Press Release]

By Team Pulsara   |   February 7, 2017

Bozeman, MT -- Pulsara announced last week the release of their app version 5.4. The company began the announcement by reminding readers of their purpose statement:...


Fixing pH Without an IV: 10 Things You Need to Know to Save Lives

By Hannah Ostrem   |   January 24, 2017

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following content originally appeared on EMS1.com as paid content sponsored by Pulsara. Special thanks to our guest blogger, Drew Rinella for EMS1...


The Critical Role EMS Plays in Stroke Patient Survival [New Data]

By Brandon Means   |   January 19, 2017

We’ve known for a while now that when EMS providers are properly trained, they perform at a high level when it comes to treating and assessing patients. For example, past...


Advances in EMS Care Promise Better Outcomes and Cost Savings

By Hannah Ostrem   |   November 3, 2016

We've been saying it's coming for a long time (but we're also a little biased): There's a revolution in EMS thanks to new technologies and information that have propelled...


Going the Extra Mile: How to Get Medics to Bring More Patients to Your Hospital

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   September 22, 2016

Recently in my travels I heard something that really stuck with me: “When a hospital goes the extra mile, patients will do the same.”

Think about that for a minute. Is...

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