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Implicit Bias in Healthcare

By Betony Martin on Jul 27, 2020

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To begin to understand the rates at which minorities are disproportionately disadvantaged in the healthcare system, we as caregivers need to examine our implicit ethnic bias. Implicit social cognition, AKA implicit bias, is taking stereotypes (cultural conditioning) and applying them to our everyday thoughts, actions, activities, and practices.

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This Holiday Season, Remember This About Anyone Who Works in Healthcare

By Scott Stanley on Dec 04, 2019

The holidays are upon us. All is calm; all is bright. But not in your local Emergency Room. Or at your community’s fire station. For providers of healthcare and EMS services, the holidays can feel even more stressful than any other time in their busy work lives. In addition to the usual stress they encounter as part of their job descriptions, they are burdened with being away from family and loved ones, making their shifts even harder.

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What Matters Most to EMS Crews? A Roundtable Discussion

By Hannah Ostrem on Oct 25, 2019

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Pulsara Platform Selected as EMS World Innovation Award Finalist for New EMS Handoff Feature

By Hannah Ostrem on Oct 11, 2019


October 11, 2019

Hannah Ostrem
(877) 903-5642

The feature is the first of its kind to give first responders a dedicated platform to communicate with other out-of-hospital care providers and hospitals in real time.

Bozeman, Mont. — Pulsara is excited to announce that the company has been selected as a Finalist by a 4-person judging panel for the 2019 EMS World Expo Innovation Award.

 Pulsara connects care teams across organizations and their latest innovative feature to be nominated for the award is their new EMS handoff feature. Whereas EMS providers have historically had workflows to hand off patients to hospital teams in Pulsara, First Responders now have the ability to start a case and hand off the patient to an EMS crew.

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The Changing Face of STEMI and Stroke Care

By Barry Hickerson, EMT-P on Sep 25, 2019

When I was fresh out of Paramedic school, STEMI and stroke patients were something we couldn’t do much about except monitor and transport. To be honest, we hadn’t even started using the term "STEMI," and we were years away from giving aspirin. Patients who survived to get discharged out of the CCU or ICU (there were no stroke units then) went on to rehab or an extended care facility with a shoebox full of meds. They were armed with lots of Digitalis and Lasix, but not much hope.


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Dear Aly: How to Avoid Double Documentation -- Thoughts from a Director of Stroke Services

By Alyana Samai on Sep 18, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: Alyana Samai is the Director of Stroke Services at West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero, Louisiana. Aly has been a champion user of Pulsara since 2016, and has led her teams to successfully decrease door to needle times by streamlining and improving communication when it matters most. 

Dear Aly,

We are new clients and implementing Pulsara at our facility, but many of our nurses are concerned that this is going to be "double documentation," more than communication. How can we help them understand that Pulsara can streamline the process, reduce communication frustrations, and not double up on tasks?

Prepared for Pulsara

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Case Study: Virginia Mason Medical Center Reduces Time-to-Treatment by 22%

By Team Pulsara on Sep 17, 2019


Virginia Mason Medical Center is a nonprofit health care system based in King County, Seattle, serving the central Puget Sound region and Yakima area.


Focused on continually delivering the highest quality of care to patients, care teams at Virginia Mason Medical Center wanted to innovate the way they communicated with one another to better respond to time-sensitive stroke cases.

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How Virginia Mason Hospital Teams Improved Patient Safety and Quality of Care [WEBINAR]

By Hannah Ostrem on Sep 09, 2019

Simply being able to get the right message to the right care team members in the right amount of time can be an incredibly convoluted process in today's healthcare world. Worse, the lack of a reliable system of communication causes hundreds of thousands of medical errors every year.

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Managing Complex Change? This is the Model You Don’t Want To Miss!

By Brittany Means, RN, BSN on Aug 16, 2019

The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes! One would think by now we would be much more willing to change, but isn’t it true that we often find ourselves scared, resistant, uncertain, or even angry when change comes knocking at the door?

I recall a time in my life before I worked at Pulsara, when my nursing unit was transitioning from paper documentation to an EMR. Even though the staff despised the accordion of nursing notes, and finding an order written a week ago was comparable to flipping through an encyclopedia, adoption of the new EMR was met with insurmountable negativity and resistance. We literally had nurses and physicians leave our organization to escape the change that was intended to make our lives easier!

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