Why We Need to Focus on Women this Heart Month [VIDEO]

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   February 9, 2017

Happy Heart Month!

As common as heart attacks are, there are some misperceptions around who is vulnerable. I suppose we've asked for it through over-dramatization in the...

Pulsara App Version 5.4 Includes New Functionalities and Simplified User Screens [Press Release]

By Team Pulsara   |   February 7, 2017

Bozeman, MT -- Pulsara announced last week the release of their app version 5.4. The company began the announcement by reminding readers of their purpose statement:...

How One EMS System is Working to Improve Care Systems in Time-Sensitive Emergencies

By Hannah Ostrem   |   January 5, 2017

When the concept for EMS was born nearly 50 years ago, it was meant to be an integrated part of a smooth system of care beginning with the call to EMS dispatch and...

Who's On First -- The Frightening Reality of Healthcare Communication

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   December 14, 2016

Who's on First is an original comedy skit that was made famous by Abbot and Costello back in the early 1940's. It's a classic illustration of two people talking, but it's...

Australia EMS and Hospital Teams Save Young Man's Life Through Innovative Communication

By James Woodson, MD   |   December 1, 2016
We can’t say it enough:  Uniting and empowering strong teams is the foundation of building Regional Systems of Care. But how can we do that when we give different members...

Change is Here to Stay: What That Means for Healthcare and the Beloved Pager.

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   October 18, 2016

When it comes to communication in healthcare, do you ever feel like you're playing a game of "telephone?"

One of the most challenging aspects of living in the...

Miscommunication Found to be #1 Cause of Preventable Disability or Death in Hospitals

By Hannah Ostrem   |   October 11, 2016

Imagine this: It's a busy Saturday evening at the hospital. You are understaffed and overworked and it's one of those days where everything seems to be happening at once....

New Study Shows Improvements in STEMI Treatment Time With Care Coordination

By Hannah Ostrem   |   September 15, 2016
We've said it before, and we will say it again: inefficient communication is costing our patients -- big time. A  recent study revealed that changing the way EMS and...

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