The Root of All Evil in STEMI Care Processes [Part 1]

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   July 7, 2016

As Pulsara employees, when we meet with prospective clients we hear a lot of different stories about how well their facilities are already doing. Most of the time they...

The Key to Reducing Deaths from Coronary Artery Disease [Infographic]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   July 5, 2016

The key to reducing Coronary Artery Disease Deaths? Simple. Spread Awareness!

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the most common form of heart disease, and it kills more...

Eating to Reduce Stroke and Heart Attack: What You Need to Know [New Research]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   June 30, 2016

Well, the time is upon us once again. It is nearly our country's Independence Day, and while the holiday generally brings with it plenty of camping trips, music festivals,...

How to Fix the Dreaded "Weekend Effect" in Hospital Deaths

By Wes Wood   |   June 2, 2016

Feeling all alone out there on weekends/holidays/night shifts?

You’re not the only one. Any clinician involved in care of time sensitive emergent patients has experienced...

The University of Mississippi Medical Center Improves Patient Outcomes with Smartphone App for Stroke and Cardiac Care [Press Release]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   May 31, 2016

No Power? No Problem. Pulsara Has You Covered.

By Shawn Olson   |   May 27, 2016

We have a saying in Montana: If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change. And springtime in Montana often brings blizzards and hail storms one...

A Communication Breakdown That May Have Cost a Heart Patient His Life

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   April 28, 2016

Under the Hood of an EKG

By Shawn Olson   |   April 22, 2016

When a clinician looks at an EKG, they can depict a STEMI, arrhythmias, and so much more. However, as a non-clinician, when I look at an EKG, I see an electrical circuit...

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