The Dire Impact EMS Staffing Shortages Has on Our Communities [Opinion]

By Justin Baker   |   April 17, 2019

While the industry has grown and improved thanks to advances in technology and new procedures, one thing that continues to plague the EMS profession is shortage of staff...


A Better Way for First Responders to Address Families of Critical Patients -- From Someone Who has Been on Both Sides.

By Courtney Chumley   |   April 12, 2019

Every first responder has gone through EMT and/or Paramedic school and remembers the very short section that covered how to explain to a family that their loved one has...

EMS   |   Communication

Pulsara CEO Discusses Effective Documentation and Communication on "Inside EMS" Podcast

By Hannah Ostrem   |   April 10, 2019

EMS1.com recently featured Pulsara's Founder and CEO, James in an episode of their Inside EMS podcast, where he discussed regional systems of care and how they impact...


Face the Music: Thinking Outside the Pill Bottle for Dementia Patients

By Kate Jones   |   April 8, 2019

There are several clinical studies of elderly populations that suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia which show that familiar and pleasant music can decrease...

EMS   |   Patient Safety

Patient Handovers: 10 Things You Need to Know to Save Lives

By Pulsara Staff   |   April 5, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks to our guest blogger this week, Rommie L. Duckworth, BS, LP. Rom is a dedicated emergency responder and award-winning educator with more than...

It's About Time Your Organization Developed a Plan to Reduce Preventable Patient Harm. Here's How.

By Lee Varner, MSEMS, EMT-P, CPPS   |   April 3, 2019

EDITOR'S NOTE: Special thanks to our guest blogger, Lee Varner. Lee is the Director of the Center for Patient Safety, and has over 20 years of experience in...

The Future of Space Force Communications is Spaceara [Press Release]

By Audrey Peart   |   April 1, 2019


Bozeman, MT -- April 1, 2019 -- In space, everyone will be able to hear you scream with Pulsara’s newest venture: Spaceara – Pulsara for Space! Don’t...

Pulsara Around the Country - April

By Audrey Peart   |   March 29, 2019

March Recap:

Hello, is it Spring you're looking for? Well, we found it and eight trade shows in March. Clearly, the time change on the 10th didn't slow us down! Our teams...

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