COVID-19 UPDATE: Learn How Your Teams Can Use Pulsara for COVID-19 Management. 

Using Mobile-First Technology to Manage the COVID-19 Surge [WEBINAR]

By Team Pulsara   |   March 23, 2020

On Tuesday, March 24th at 9:00 PT/10:00 MT/12:00 ET, All Things FirstNet will be hosting a webinar focused on using mobile-first technology to manage the COVID-19 patient...

Pulsara + COVID-19: Limit Transfers to Clinically Appropriate Cases

By James Woodson, MD   |   March 20, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread, hospital resources are becoming more scarce. Limiting patient transfers between facilities can help ease strain on resources as well as...

PRESS RELEASE: Hospital Leverages Pulsara to Overcome Care Coordination and Communication Barriers of COVID-19 Isolation

By Team Pulsara   |   March 19, 2020

By using mobile-first technology, one hospital connects resources and clinicians in real-time for consultation, collaboration, and human connection during the COVID-19...

Pulsara + COVID-19: Mitigate Patient Surge

By James Woodson, MD   |   March 18, 2020

As our communities work to flatten the curve, our public safety and healthcare system must work to mitigate the surge of patients who are infected, or who think they might...

PRESS RELEASE: Healthcare Communication Platform, Pulsara, Announces Release of FREE COVID-19 Management Package

By Hannah Ostrem   |   March 15, 2020

Pulsara’s COVID-19 package enables networked communication (including HIPAA-compliant live video and messaging) across organizations at no charge.


PRESS RELEASE: Pulsara Expands Free Pulsara ONE Package Functionality to Include All Referring Healthcare Organizations

By Hannah Ostrem   |   March 12, 2020

Pulsara's free communication package includes live video streaming and enables networked communication for any healthcare organization.


EMS and Paramedicine: At the Crossroads of Change

By Kris Kaull   |   March 9, 2020


As a young industry, EMS had its cute years. We were the baby of the family. Our oldest brother, Police, followed Mom and Dad’s orders to a T. Police...

STEMI   |   EMS   |   Communication   |   Connected Teams   |   Systems of Care

Arkansas Healthcare System Uses New Communication Approach to Improve STEMI Patient Outcomes [Case Study]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   March 6, 2020

Saint Mary’s Regional Health System is a Joint-Commission-accredited Level III Trauma Center, located in Russellville, Arkansas. The 170-bed hospital has delivered care to...

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