Cynthia Bradford Lencioni

Cynthia Bradford Lencioni

Cynthia is Pulsara's Chief Operating Officer, as well as in-house songbird, champion swimmer and mother of four!

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What Healthcare Needs to Know About Security in an Increasingly Cloud-Based Industry

By Cynthia Bradford Lencioni   |   May 2, 2017

Security vulnerabilities are a concern for everyone in this day and age when it seems there’s a major security incident in the news each week. And unfortunately, health...

Stroke   |   STEMI

From Swim Races to Emergency Cases: How to Shatter Times and Set New Records

By Cynthia Bradford Lencioni   |   August 30, 2016
The author competes in a high school 200 meter freestyle race.

800 m freestyle 8:04.79 (World Record) Katie Ledecky August 12, 2016

400 m freestyle 3:56.46...

From Healthcare to the Tech Industry, How to Hack Your To-Do List

By Cynthia Bradford Lencioni   |   January 29, 2016

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. --- Henry Ford

No matter who you are, what your personality type is, or what kind of work you do, from time...

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