Betony Martin

Betony Martin

Bet is an experienced Nurse Leader with a passion for people. She serves as Pulsara's Customer Success Specialist for the West.

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Work-Life Balance in the Age of COVID-19

By Betony Martin on Dec 16, 2020

Real talk: COVID-19 has changed the way most of us live our lives. For my family, it has meant a lot of lifestyle changes. 

Working from home during the pandemic has been a great opportunity, but also at times a real challenge. It has been a blessing in the sense that I’ve gotten to be home with my school aged children. I get to spend more time with them, watching them grow and learn. I've been able to do more fun things with them, like go on nature walks. 

On the other hand, attempting to be productive at work with two young kids at home got really interesting, really fast.

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Implicit Bias in Healthcare

By Betony Martin on Jul 27, 2020

Learning to be our best




We unite and empower people to improve health by simplifying care coordination.

Said another way...

The Pulsara Team places control back into the hands of clinicians and patients to create better outcomes.

Healthcare is complex. We make it simpler.


But more than that, we care about people. Our value of Servant Leadership means that we love people. We passionately serve people and the people who serve people. Our success is measured by the success of those we serve.

To begin to understand the rates at which minorities are disproportionately disadvantaged in the healthcare system, we as caregivers need to examine our implicit ethnic bias. Implicit social cognition, AKA implicit bias, is taking stereotypes (cultural conditioning) and applying them to our everyday thoughts, actions, activities, and practices.

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