Earlier this year, in the weeks before COVID-19 changed life and healthcare as we know it, Latrobe Regional Hospital near Melbourne, Australia, was busy laying the groundwork for a new communication system between their hospital teams and Ambulance Victoria. Over the course of the next few months, Latrobe was able to implement Pulsara for treating patients across multiple departments, including stroke, mental health, pediatrics, trauma—and most pressingly, COVID-19. 

As treatment and turnaround times all over the state rose in response to the pandemic, Latrobe and Ambulance Victoria successfully streamlined their communication for care teams in all of the above departments, managed to maintain their normal ambulance turnaround times, and even reduced  time-to-treatment for stroke patients.


As a part of the 2020 Australasian Digital Health Institute Summit, Latrobe Regional Hospital and Ambulance Victoria partnered with Pulsara to present a video case study about the groundbreaking ways Latrobe is leveraging mobile technology to care for patients across multiple departments. 

In this case study video interview, hosted by Pulsara's Director of Marketing, Hannah Ostrem, and Pulsara's Client Services Manager for the Northeastern Region, Scott Stanley, clinicians from both Latrobe Regional Hospital and Ambulance Victoria tell the story of how they came to adopt Pulsara in the weeks before COVID-19 hit. They share how Pulsara helped avoid virus exposures and keep treatment times down in spite of pandemic precautions, and how, in the midst of everything that has gone on this year, they've still managed to reduce their door-to-CT times for stroke by 68%. 

For more information about Latrobe's success with improving communication and treatment times, check out the full case study. 


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Kinsie Clarkson

Written by Kinsie Clarkson

Kinsie is the Marketing Communications Coordinator at Pulsara. With her editorial experience and background in writing, Kinsie strives to bring you relevant, informative stories here on the Pulsara blog.