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Healthcare Silos are Costing our Patients

By James Woodson, MD   |   January 30, 2018

SILOS are one of the biggest problems facing healthcare.

The patient's journey crosses multiple healthcare entities and/or departments in a hospital.  This has massive...

Here's What the Future of Healthcare Communication Looks Like

By James Woodson, MD   |   January 17, 2018

Does this look familiar?

Medical error is the third leading cause of death and contributes to 10,000 serious medical complications every day.  80% of these errors occur...

Nurses and Medics: How to Get the Recognition You Deserve at Work

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   January 11, 2018


In healthcare especially, it can seem impossible to stand out from the pack. Everyone has a million things on their plates. Every move you make has an impact on people's...

What Your Region Can do to Address the Miscommunication Crisis in Healthcare [Resources]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   November 7, 2017

For years now, Pulsara has been building and rebuilding, making advances, and then making them better. All in efforts to put an end to the miscommunication crisis in...

Transparency Saves Lives. Here's Proof.

By James Woodson, MD   |   October 31, 2017

A recent article published on USA Today's website interviewed the CEO of Leapfrog Group, which assigns grades to hospitals based on "medical errors, infections and...

The Hardest Problem We Face in Healthcare

By James Woodson, MD   |   October 27, 2017

I've often been asked what the hardest problem is that we face in healthcare. I believe PATIENT CENTRIC healthcare as we practice it is a failed model. Clinicians focus on...

Why Safety Programs Fail -- And How to Ensure Yours Don't 

By Hannah Ostrem   |   October 25, 2017


The Re-Engineered Discharge (RED) program is a recently-developed strategy to reduce readmissions in hospital settings. According to a paper published about the project...

Broken Wrist? Or High-Speed Rollover ... How a Misheard EMS Report Nearly Cost a Life

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   October 6, 2017

Silly pager, emergencies are for modern technology!

I've written on this topic before, but I heard a story a few days ago that made it worth revisiting. The following is...

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