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How Telehealth is Transforming Behavioral Health Patient Care (Video)


Mental health is a growing need around the world. Over 50 million people in the United States alone1 in 5 adultsare dealing with mental health issues. And the trend extends to all ages; 1 in 6 young people in the U.S. between the ages of 6 and 17 struggle with mental health. Living through a global pandemic has only made matters worse. In May 2021, Children's Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency for pediatric mental health

Over the past few years, Ute Pass Regional Health Service District in Teller County, Colorado, has set out to improve care for mental health patients. They built a top-tier community paramedicine program uniquely trained to respond to mental health calls. They also equipped their community paramedics with Pulsara, a healthcare communications, telehealth, and logistics platform. The result is a dynamic program that meets mental health patients where they are. 

In this live-action retelling of real-life scenarios, watch how Ute Pass Regional Health Service District uses Pulsara to support a behavioral health patient. When Teller County's community paramedics respond to a mental health call, they are able to assess the patient, and, using Pulsara’s live video telehealth capabilities, connect with a physician to medically clear patients, improve their experience, and get them the help they need.


Pulsara's goal is to improve the lives of people in need and those who serve them by simplifying communication for all care teams—from EMS and hospital to Public Health and even FEMA Medical Operations Coordination Cells. Pulsara makes it easy to communicate about time-sensitive emergencies such as COVID-19, STEMI, stroke, trauma, sudden cardiac arrest, and sepsis, as well as other use cases like mental health and community paramedicine. 

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Special thanks to the awesome staff and clinicians at Ute Pass Regional Health Service District, UCHealth, and Woodland Park High School for helping make this video possible! Thank you for all you do!


To learn more about how Teller County is leveraging Pulsara to deliver better, more personalized care for COVID-19 patients, check out 911-Initiated Telemedicine: Next-Level Patient Care for Rural Colorado.

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