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Healthcare Communication is a Disaster.

It's About People. 

The way we practice patient-centric healthcare today is flawed. We only focus on the patient and tasks directly in front of us. Instead let's focus on the journey and treatment team that will be providing care for throughout the entire journey.

Ancient Technology.

We use multiple archaic communication technologies that keep our care teams in silos. Jeff Bezos did not build Amazon based on radios, modems, fax, email, pagers, texting, messaging services, and phone calls for a reason!


Different Protocols.

We use different technologies and protocols for prehospital, intra-facility, and inter-facility communications. And, we spend so much money and effort on ECG transmission. Why? The problem is much greater. We need to standardize. 

Silos Affect Treatment

Medical errors cause up to 400,000 deaths per year and 10,000 serious medical complications every single day. 80% of these occur secondary to miscommunication during transitions of care. And, these stats don’t even include all of the preventable treatment delays caused by miscommunication.

Studies show hospitals waste $12 Billion per year on poor communication (~ 2% of hospital revenues).

The communication crisis is real ... and it has real patient outcome and economic consequences.

The future of healthcare is connected teams.

“I truly see this, as an ER physician, as our future.”
Jason Hanley Emergency Department Medical Director

So instead of this ...

  • Siloed teams are isolated.
  • Incompatible technologies.
  • Different communication protocols.

Use real-time team communication across healthcare entities

  • Teams focus on patient journey.
  • Unified mobile technology.
  • Same protocol regardless of location.

Pulsara Connects and Simplifies

With 3 simple steps, you can establish true regional systems of care for ANY condition, ANY method of arrival, ANY healthcare entity.

While Pulsara has value to a single hospital in a region, our vision for your community is to build a regional, patient-centric communication network.

Improve job satisfaction and treatment time outcomes.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to use technology to not only make the jobs of our medics, nurses, and doctors easier, but also to improve the care we provide to the residents and visitors of Colorado Springs. Anyone having a heart attack or stroke should have the best chance at recovery, no matter who responds to their call for help or where they receive care.”
Donna Stringer Stroke Program Director

In pursuit of VALUE BASED healthcare?

Pulsara can help you improve quality at reduced costs. Studies show that 2% of all hospital revenues are wasted because of ineffective communication. Yep, $12 billion a year thrown out the window.

The problem is bigger than just solving communication between your employees - you need to address team members who don’t work for your facility. Prehospital and inter-facility communications can have a huge impact on providing better quality care at reduced costs.

Our custom value tool can help you evaluate potential quality improvements as well as identify potential hard and soft cost savings.

No more siloed teams.

“It integrates what was previously two separate systems [EMS and hospital]. We [EMS] are now considered part of the continuum of care.”
Cliff Free Division Chief

The Pulsara Presence…

In 20 states plus Australia, and rapidly growing.


The Future of Healthcare Communication: Connected Teams

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