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Happy National Nurses Week 2018 From Team Pulsara!

By Team Pulsara

nnwThis week (May 6 - 12) marks the annual National Nurses Week, which takes place on Florence Nightingale’s birthday week. This year’s theme is “Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence.”

No where does this theme hold more true than at Pulsara. 

We are lucky enough to have seven nurses on our staff. Some have been with us since the beginning of the company. Others joined only this past year. But all of them inspire us to continue making the Pulsara platform better and easier to use, they innovate with new ideas for helping others in healthcare, and they influence the rest of the team with their spirit, intelligence, grit, and servant leadership. 

Team Pulsara would like to offer a sincere THANK YOU to all of the amazing nurses out there, and to those on our own staff. Please take a moment to learn about each of our nurses by clicking on their bios below. 

brittney-nelson brittany-means shane-elmore wes-wood brandon-means scott-stanley@180 tim-hakamaki
Brittney Nelson Brittany Means Shane Elmore Wes Wood Brandon Means Scott Stanley Tim Hakamaki
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Team Pulsara

Team Pulsara is a diverse group of talent with a common purpose: To improve the lives of patients and caregivers through innovative communication.

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