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Scott Stanley

Scott Stanley

Scott has served as a Combat Medic, as a corpsman with the Naval Reserves Marine Unit, as a Firefighter, EMT, and paramedic, as a nurse, and most recently as the EMS coordinator at St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

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You Have the Model -- Now Here are 10 Actionable Tips for Successfully Implementing Change

By Scott Stanley   |   August 23, 2019

Did you miss last week's blog that introduced a model for managing complex change? Check it out here!

It seems simple: just download the Pulsara app from the App Store or...

EMS   |   Healthcare   |   Communication   |   Technology

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication in Healthcare: Lessons from Decades of Marriage.

By Scott Stanley   |   March 13, 2019

The secret to effective communication is knowing how and when to share your message. This is something that, after 20 years of marriage, I am finally starting to grasp the...

Stroke   |   EMS

Here's What Your Patients Wish You'd Gotten Them for Valentine's Day

By Scott Stanley   |   February 16, 2017

... No, it's not chocolates and flowers.

The medical research community is continually providing us with exciting new technology and clinical findings that can make our...

What We All Need to Remember About Doctors, Nurses, and First Responders this Holiday Season

By Scott Stanley   |   December 29, 2016

The holidays are upon us. All is calm; all is bright. But not in your local Emergency Room. Or at your community’s fire station. For providers of health care and EMS...

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