Jeffrey Hobson

Jeffrey Hobson

Jeff's combined background in selling Anesthesiology products and startup experience at Shareable Ink, where he was able to increase revenue 15-fold in 3 years, uniquely qualified him to become a Regional Vice President of Sales at Pulsara.

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Why Does 911 Send a Fire Truck to a Medical Call?

By Jeffrey Hobson on Aug 06, 2015


This seems to be one of the most common questions people ask firefighters and paramedics.

Imagine the following scenario: 

You call 911 for your neighbor who’s having chest pain. Within a few moments, a big fire engine shows up with your community’s beloved uniformed firefighters. Your friends and fellow neighbors take notice right away and ask, “Why can’t they just send an ambulance? Do they need to waste all that money sending a big truck to a simple medical incident? Can a firefighter really help me right now?” 

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