Courtney Chumley

Courtney Chumley

Courtney is the District Chief of EMS at Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department, as well as a Regional Client Development Specialist at Pulsara.

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A Better Way for First Responders to Address Families of Critical Patients -- From Someone Who has Been on Both Sides.

By Courtney Chumley   |   April 12, 2019

Every first responder has gone through EMT and/or Paramedic school and remembers the very short section that covered how to explain to a family that their loved one has...


The Unrealized Potential ER Doctors Have to Improve EMS Relationships Within their Own Hospitals.

By Courtney Chumley   |   March 22, 2019

Eighteen years ago, I was a brand new paramedic. My boots were un-scuffed and my uniform shirt was spotless. I was ready to be a hero. But then I made my first breathing...

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Research Reveals the True Impact EMS Providers Have on STEMI Survivability

By Courtney Chumley   |   March 11, 2019

Picture this: You receive a 911 call for chest pain, and on arrival you are quick to identify that your patient is having a STEMI. You quickly load the patient into the...


EMS and the ED need to stop playing telephone (or radio, rather). There's a better way to communicate.

By Courtney Chumley   |   January 31, 2019

Not too long ago in EMS, having computer-aided dispatch was only a daydream. We were lucky to even get a patient type back then. Remember when we were “dispatched” by...

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