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What's Wrong With Stroke Care ... and How Pulsara Can Help [Infographic]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   May 31, 2015


EMS, Charge Nurse, ED Physician, Stroke Team, Radiology Tech, Radiologist ... each of these roles is critical to the successful care of stroke cases, yet each is often on...

The Changing Face of Stroke Care: Is There an App for That?

By Hannah Ostrem   |   May 26, 2015


...You know there is! EMS World recently published an article which highlights the changing technologies and protocols for managing stroke care. New embolectomy studies...

Early Mobilization - Spending Seconds Saves Lives

By Brittany Means, RN, BSN   |   March 9, 2015


Picture this: halfway through your 24-hour shift, you and your partner are finally sitting down to your first real meal of the day. Just as the first bite of warm food...

Three Cutting-Edge Studies Hold Promise for Stroke Patient Outcomes

By Rob Dickson, MD   |   March 6, 2015
Pulsara recently attended and exhibited at the American Heart Association's annual International Stroke Conference. In addition to Pulsara's poster presentation, several...

FaceTime: The Answer to Cost-Effective Prehospital Telestroke?

By James Woodson, MD   |   March 3, 2015

We all know that “time is tissue” for our stroke patients. We now have four studies (Mr Clean, Escape, Extend-1A, and Swift-Prime) showing the tremendous benefits of...

Wise Regional Health System Improves Stroke and Cardiac Care with New Technology [Press Release]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   November 1, 2014

Trinity Mother Frances Hospital Improves Stroke Care With New Technology [Press Release]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   October 1, 2014

Erlanger Medical Center Uses New Technology to Provide Exceptional Stroke Care [Press Release]

By Hannah Ostrem   |   August 14, 2014

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