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The State of the Profession [2020 EMS Trend Report Part 1]

By Team Pulsara on Aug 19, 2020

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last month, EMS1, Fitch & Associates, and the National EMS Management Association released their third annual EMS Trend Report, proudly sponsored by Pulsara. Because the articles and advice found within contain such critical subject matter, we've elected to publish each segment one at a time here on our blog. Read, enjoy, share, and take to heart the following information brought to you by the most prestigious thought leaders in EMS.

About the authors: Jay Fitch, PhD, is a founding partner of Fitch & Associates and is internationally recognized for leadership as a consultant, educator and innovator in EMS and public safety.

Anthony Minge, EdD, is a senior partner at Fitch & Associates. Prior to joining the firm, he was the business manager for Northwest MedStar in Spokane, Washington.


EMS leaders anticipated a linear progression in 2020 – managing a slight increase in call volume and reimbursement, while trying to become more efficient and otherwise hold down costs. COVID-19 certainly changed the definition of normal, and perhaps how EMS will evolve in the future.

The EMS Trend Report asks a number of questions each year to ascertain industry perception of a wide variety of key issues and related trends, from measures used to track cardiac arrests, to clinical interventions, ePCR satisfaction, use of lights and sirens for 911 responses, budget changes, and the degree to which agencies are prepared for disruptive events.

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Pulsara Provides NEMSIS-formatted Public API for ePCR Vendor Interoperability

By Team Pulsara on Oct 09, 2019

October 9, 2019

Hannah Ostrem
(877) 903-5642

The adoption by Pulsara of the NEMSIS format further strengthens its role as the leading regional healthcare communication platform.

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Pulsara announced today that the healthcare communication platform is the first to adopt the NEMSIS prehospital format to connect regional systems of care.

The purpose behind the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) is to enhance patient care by storing EMS data from local, state, and national sources. The NEMSIS database allows EMS providers to share, collect, standardize, and use this data to analyze their systems and make process improvements.

Through a standardized API, Pulsara’s platform now allows all ePCR partners to access Pulsara data in near real time. Importing Pulsara data via this new API using the NEMSIS 3.4 format eliminates dual data entry by medics and improves communication to all care providers, ultimately enhancing patient care.

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