Pulsara was featured last week in a news article on Australian news site, The Courier after Ballarat Base Hospital, Pulsara's second international hospital client, began a pilot of the platform. Ballarat will leverage Pulsara to receive real-time information about a patient’s condition from local paramedics to get the entire emergency department, cardiac, neurology and other specialists and departments on the same page.

Paramedics Christine Findlay and Dan Magill will send patient details and condition reports directly to specialists at Ballarat Base Hospital using the new Pulsara app. Image: The Courier -- Paramedics use Pulsara to alert hospitals of incoming patients and reduce treatment times.

According to the article, Ambulance Victoria clinical manager Grant Hocking said “Time is of the essence for cardiac and stroke patients. This app puts everyone on the same page, synchronizing our communication not just to the emergency department but specialists within the hospital as well.”

Ballarat Hospital project coordinator Debbie Pearce also commented that Pulsara will help in ensuring better treatment time outcomes by providing clear, efficient communication.

“At the moment that communicating is done over the phone and often over multiple calls," said Pearce. "Streamlining communication and transfer information with specialist teams while still in the ambulance will hopefully mean a specialist team is ready prior to arrival.”

Ballarat treats an average of twelve urgent heart attack and twenty confirmed strokes each month, with dozens of additional suspected cases.

Brandon Means, one of Pulsara's Clinical Specialists, was interviewed for the piece. “[Pulsara] is now found [across] the United States, but Victoria is the first state outside the US to trial it,” said Means.

The article comes on the heels of the Pulsara team's trip to Australia to train Ballarat staff to use Pulsara ahead of their 12-month pilot program. 

“Staff here are keen and interested in making sure they are able to deliver treatment as quickly as possible,” said Florey Institute research fellow Kathleen Bagot.

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Hannah Ostrem

Written by Hannah Ostrem

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