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Wes Wood

Wes Wood

Wes started working in EMS when he was just 15 years old, eventually becoming a paramedic, nurse, and facility director. His clinical and sales backgrounds uniquely position him to shine as a Regional Sales Manager (South) at Pulsara.

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How to Fix the Dreaded "Weekend Effect" in Hospital Deaths

By Wes Wood   |   June 2, 2016

Feeling all alone out there on weekends/holidays/night shifts?

You’re not the only one. Any clinician involved in care of time sensitive emergent patients has experienced...


Confessions of a Recovering Paramedic

By Wes Wood   |   August 27, 2015


Recently a coworker here at Pulsara (not mentioning any names, but thanks Kris Kaull) paid me what is probably the best compliment I’ve ever received … he called me a...

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