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Confessions of a Recovering Paramedic

By Wes Wood on Aug 27, 2015

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Recently a coworker here at Pulsara (not mentioning any names, but thanks Kris Kaull) paid me what is probably paramedicthe best compliment I’ve ever received … he called me a recovering paramedic. I didn’t know how to take it at first, but then I realized, he’s right. I guess he’s seen the signs and symptoms before.

You see, it all started just like so many others, my dream job as a teen was being a paramedic. After a couple years in college, I achieved that goal and began what was at that point, my life’s work, and I loved it right up to the very last shift.

During those “formative” years, I learned how to think critically, problem solve, prioritize, communicate with every socioeconomic level, network with peers, teach, learn, and -- most importantly -- care about people.

Through the years I’ve held several positions, ED RN, ED Director, compliance officer, educator, risk manager, process consultant, sales rep….yes the list is long (I’m not old, I just started really young!!), but I’ve always thought and felt like I was still a paramedic. Time and again, I go back to the skills I learned during those years of problem solving, critical thinking, and dedicated service.

It’s core to who I am.

Fortunately, through my work now with Pulsara, I can directly affect the world of EMS and emergency medicine. I get to work with the heart teams and the stroke teams. What an honor! I’m still making a difference, affecting people’s lives every day. Where it used to be one-on-one for a few patients per shift, now it’s hundreds, if not thousands of lives affected through our work. Pulsara is an amazing solution. Truly life changing, and I’m very proud to say I am a Pulsara employee.

Life has a funny way of circling back on you. Even when your passion leads you to other positions outside of those you originally intended to fill, never forget where you came from or who you are at the core.

Openly embrace new opportunities, learning from past ones along the way.

You just might get the chance to be a part of something amazing.

Looking for your next opportunity? It could be at Pulsara!

Wes Wood

Written by Wes Wood

Wes started working in EMS when he was just 15 years old, eventually becoming a paramedic, nurse, and facility director. His clinical and sales backgrounds uniquely position him to shine as a Regional Sales Manager for the Southern U.S. at Pulsara.