When our care teams are all on the same page, communication is seamless, and treatment times are reduced, ultimately improving quality of care. How you can leverage the Pulsara communication platform to connect your care teams—whether in your organization or dispersed across many organizations?

In this video, we'll show you by walking you through a stroke case started in the field by EMS in the Pulsara app — but it's important to remember that you can start a case for any method of arrival. (Pulsara works for any other condition! It's a stroke app, STEMI app, trauma app, sepsis app, and more — all in one)!

To simplify care coordination, reduce miscommunication, and improve treatment time outcomes, all you need to do is CREATE your dedicated patient channel, BUILD your dynamic care team, and COMMUNICATE. Simple.


Hannah Ostrem

Written by Hannah Ostrem

Hannah is Pulsara's Senior Director of Marketing. She holds a master's degree in Neuroscience and a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which she uses to analyze and interpret the peculiar behaviors of the rest of the Pulsara marketing team.