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CREATE your dedicated patient channel.

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BUILD your custom Trauma team with just a tap.




Trauma Cases can Take Many Directions. 

That’s why Pulsara allows you to associate the proper Trauma Level and automatically assigns the RIGHT team to help you mobilize the RIGHT resources at the RIGHT time. Add or remove people, teams, and entities as the case requires. With Pulsara, you're in control. 

“Pulsara helps bring us all together and communicate the same message to everybody.”
Kristin Randall Stroke Program Coordinator
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Dynamically Build Your Team

Customize your teams based on patient need.

Trauma cases quickly evolve over a short period of time, and correct trauma level activation is important for patient care as well as reimbursement. With Pulsara, EMS can clearly communicate case details, allowing the hospital to activate the proper teams. Get it right the first time -- and then, easily add additional team members as needed. Everybody is on the same page, just like that. 

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“Pulsara eliminates multiple phone calls back and forth to doctors and the ER.”

Abby Werner Lead CT Tech

Benchmarks for Reporting, QA, & QI


How is your current case performing relative to national standards and facility averages? Pulsara provides the tools you need to measure your performance, and equips your team to make actionable plans to improve.

With Pulsara, simply COLLECT the data you need on ONE dashboard regardless of patient method of arrival, EVALUATE the data with motivating benchmarks, IDENTIFY opportunities for improvement, then STANDARDIZE and COMMUNICATE your goals to your entire team in a meaningful way DURING the case.

With Pulsara, effortlessly track under/over triage statistics, activation times & response times — all critical timestamps along the entire patient journey (even the ones not collected at your facility) are automatically in one place for you, making reporting and goal setting a breeze.

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“We’re able to open up the application right at the patient’s side, and input pertinent information about their condition, and then with just the touch of a button, everybody gets that notification.”
Nick Romenesko Staff Development Manager

Live Video Calling

Face-to-face communication - from anywhere. 

Imagine if you could instantly see any patient, no matter where he or she is located. With Pulsara, you can. Using Pulsara’s live video capabilities, which allow for HIPAA-Compliant communications, telehealth providers can add a powerful tool to their existing offerings. 

Pulsara offers a variety of features to improve communications between telehealth providers and other patient care team members. With Pulsara’s live video capabilities, medics can show the hospital team members the patient or scene, or the ED physician can consult her orthopedic surgeon about a complex hand laceration whether the orthopedic surgeon is at the same hospital or a consultant miles away. And, the Emergency Department can video chat with the cardiologist, regardless of the doctor’s current location. Clinicians can even consult with other hospitals and facilitate a transfer via live video communication.

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“Pulsara gave us the opportunity to see where our downfalls were and provide quality improvement to actually address the issues that were there.”
Mark Price QA/QI Coordinator

Audio Clips

Can you hear us now? 

Loud and clear. Can’t find the short form left by EMS?  With Pulsara, everyone on the care team has instant access, and knows right where to find it.

Allowing clinicians to record, save, and share audio clips empowers them to:

  • Cut down on the amount of typing, filling out forms, and data entry.

  • Minimize the reliance on outdated radio reports which only deliver information to individuals who will never take care of the patient.

  • Share the RIGHT information with the ENTIRE TEAM instantaneously. No more errors from playing the telephone game.

Ahh, the sound of clarity.

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“Pulsara gave us a platform to communicate and to facilitate consistency across 40 EMS agencies. It was so beneficial, first and foremost to our patients, and it continues to provide a better environment to foster partnerships."
Vera Hall Chief Nurse Executive


Cancel that Ortho consult -- you no longer need to break your neck trying to connect your teams.

When it comes to communications, most transfer centers function as a switchboard, connecting people via phone calls. But have you ever had a case where the patient’s condition evolved and that change was never communicated? Ever wished you had video call capabilities when doing an interfacility consult or transferring a patient? Stroke teams often have video capabilities — shouldn’t trauma?

With Pulsara, you can get an instant and real-time consult from any other clinician, and transfer your patient with just a few taps. If something changes along the way, the whole team knows about it -- instantly. PLUS, our Consult/Transfer feature unifies data and time stamps across organizations. Life at the transfer center just got a whole lot simpler.

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Image Capture

Securely share Images of just about anything.

Send an image of the injury, scene, driver's license, or medication list directly from the bedside - to anyone on your care team - instantly and securely.

"It's very user friendly and it definitely makes our job a lot easier."
Rick Arens Paramedic

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