Time is Heart Tissue.

When you've got a STEMI on your hands, every second counts. Did you know the odds of a STEMI patient’s survival at one year decrease by 3% for every one minute increase in time to intervention? That's why Pulsara's STEMI app prioritizes saving time by getting ALL care team members on the same page, every step of the way.

With Pulsara, it's simple: 


1. Create Patient Channel



2. Build Teams on the Fly



3. Communicate


"Only a year after implementing Pulsara, LRMC had reduced door-to-reperfusion time for all STEMI patients by 13.4% (From 59.7 minutes in the year prior to implementing Pulsara to 52.2 minutes)."

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Dynamically Build Your Team

Get the Right Information to the Right People, at the Right Time.

As soon as you determine your patient is having a STEMI, you need the power to connect with the cardiologist in real time — regardless of whether they are at your facility or hundreds of miles away.

With Pulsara, dynamically build your team to include everyone you need, right when you need them. (Pulsara is a STEMI app, stroke app, trauma app, sepsis app, and more — all in one!).


Benchmarks for Reporting, QA, & QI

Instantly See How You are Doing and Where to Improve

How is your current case performing relative to national standards and facility averages? Pulsara provides the tools you need to measure your performance, and equips your team to make actionable plans to improve.

With Pulsara, you can: 

  • Collect the data you need on one dashboard, regardless of patient method of arrival 

  • Evaluate the data with motivating benchmarks 

  • Identify opportunities for improvement 

  • Standardize and communicate your goals to your entire team in a meaningful way during the case.


Live Video Calling

Communicate Face-to-Face, Even From Miles Away.

Using Pulsara’s HIPAA-compliant live video capabilities, medics and specialists can connect in real time to ensure appropriate destination hospital selection and resource mobilization. Clinicians can even consult with other hospitals and facilitate a transfer via live video communication. 

Using Pulsara PATIENT you can connect directly with the patient. Send patients a text inviting them to a secure video consultation. That way, you can meet the patient wherever they are.


Audio Clips

Can you Hear Us Now?

Loud and clear. Can’t find the short form left by EMS?  With Pulsara, everyone on the care team has instant access and knows right where to find it.

Allowing clinicians to record, save, and share audio clips empowers them to:

  • Cut down on the amount of typing and data entry, saving valuable time.
  • Minimize the reliance on outdated radio reports, which only deliver information to individuals who will never take care of the patient.
  • Share the right information with the entire team instantaneously. No more errors from playing the telephone game.

Ahh, the sound of clarity.


Secure Messaging 

Wish Your Team Communication was as Efficient as Texting?

Guess what? We did it, and we made it HIPAA-compliant. With Pulsara, your team can communicate instantly through secure text messaging. No more telephone tag trying to figure out where the patient is and when they’ll arrive; with everyone in the same communication channel, it’s easy to update the entire team with a quick text. Message templates allow you to send status notifications without having to spend the time typing it out. And as a bonus, everything is timestamped and comes with read notifications. 



The Answers You Need, in Real Time.

Most transfer centers function as a switchboard, connecting people via phone calls. But have you ever had a case where the patient’s condition evolved and that change was never communicated? Ever wished you had video call capabilities when doing an interfacility consult or transferring a patient? 

With Pulsara, you can instantly arrange a real-time consult with any other clinician, and transfer your patient with just a few taps. If something changes along the way, the whole team can be notified — instantly. PLUS, our Consult/Transfer feature unifies data and timestamps across organizations. Life at the transfer center just got a whole lot simpler.


Image Capture 

Securely Transmit Images of Just About Anything.

Whether it’s an image of an ECG, a driver's license, or a medication list directly from the bedside, Pulsara’s certified, HIPAA-compliant platform allows you to take pictures of relevant information and send it — to anyone on your care team — instantly and securely. The hospital can begin pre-registering the patient before they even arrive. Physicians can get a more complete picture of the patient’s condition throughout their journey. And since nothing is stored on the device, you can rest assured that the patient’s protected health information is safe and secure.



Connect Your Favorite Monitor with Pulsara.

Today’s problems require today’s technology. That’s why Pulsara was built on an open API infrastructure, in preparation for its robust integration roadmap. With Pulsara, the integration possibilities are endless.


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