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Who is Pulsara? Part 3 [Our Vision]


At Pulsara, our Vision is our future roadmap, the answer to the question: “Where do we see ourselves in the future?”

But before we jump into part three, if you aren’t caught up, spend a few moments and read:

Who is Pulsara? Part 1 [Our Mission]

MISSION: We unite and empower people to improve health by simplifying care coordination.

Who is Pulsara? Part 2 [Our Purpose]

PURPOSE: To improve the lives of patients and caregivers through innovative communication.

Just as we asked ourselves hard questions surrounding our mission and purpose, we started drafting our vision by asking another tough question: “How do we know where we’re going if we don’t have a crystal clear idea of where we want to be?” The eventual answer to that question became our Vision statement, but the process of uncovering the answer wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

To begin the discussion, our CEO James, asked us to define our BHAG.

Our what?

From the world of Wikipedia, BHAG stands for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. In a nutshell, it’s a statement whose sole purpose is to focus an organization on a medium-long term goal that seems a little out there, but remains attainable.

For weeks we reflected on this concept. What can we do? Where do we want to be? Can we get there? Does it match our Mission and Purpose? Repeatedly we came back to this idea:

VISION: Pulsara is the accepted evidence-based standard of care.

As large of a concept as that is, we wanted even more than that. We wanted tangible vision objectives that we -- as a team -- could latch onto and be measured against.

So, we created a Vivid Description, a clear picture of where we would be in the next 5-10 years.

  • Communication within regional systems of care is defined by their utilization of Pulsara. If an organization is using Pulsara, it will be synonymous with leading technologies.
  • The Pulsara network will be the highway for efficient resource allocation. The healthcare system is extremely inefficient. We want to be known as the company who helped fix waste.
  • Pulsara is viewed as a destination job by current and prospective employees. We are mission driven and serve each other. Pulsara isn't a starter job. It's a dream job. We cultivate a culture where we hire the best people, our fellow colleagues walk along side of each other, and everyone wants to work here. 
  • Our data and data collection methodology drives continuous process improvement. We're in the improvement business. We make processes better and more efficient through our technology and collected data.
  • Pulsara is a household name to clinicians and patients and has positively impacted millions of lives. At the end of the day, we built a company that mitigated hurdles for both clinicians and patients.
Yup. That’s where we’re heading.


How do we actualize our mission?

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