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The Evolution of a Regional System of Care in Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke

By MCHD on Aug 14, 2019

The Montgomery County Hospital District EMS experience paired a novel stroke assessment endovascular pathway with specialized training.

Starting in late 2015, MCHD began a regional quality improvement project in Southeast Texas to improve coordination of stroke care between EMS and our hospital partners. This effort has been a successful collaboration that started when the clinical team at MCHD engaged regional stakeholders to improve times to revascularization therapy in large vessel occlusion stroke.

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Health System's Quality of Stroke Care

By Team Pulsara on Aug 05, 2019

Improving quality of care and outcomes for stroke patients goes beyond the decision to give tPA. It's about communication and coordination among ALL members of the care team to save time when even seconds matter. Here are seven tips to improve quality of care for stroke patients.
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Pulsara Featured as Leading Solution in Research Aimed At Improving Stroke Care

By Hannah Ostrem on Jun 28, 2019

Earlier this month, The Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery published a research review which examined the impacts of various technologies on the optimization of care delivery for Emergent Large Vessel Occlusion (ELVO) stroke, specifically in the prehospital environment. Because the benefits of endovascular treatment have been established, a new focus on reducing the time it takes to get patients to treatment at the most appropriate facility has emerged.

The report states that "Having early diagnostics allows for earlier activation of interventional teams and subsequently more reperfusions, faster reperfusions, shorter ED triage, and shorter door-to-balloon times," and further, "Time saved translates into disability-free life for our patients.

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