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Case Study: Arkansas EMS Dept. Enhances Pediatric Behavioral Health Services

By Team Pulsara on Jan 25, 2024

With a new protocol and Pulsara, Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services can now transport eligible pediatric behavioral health patients directly to behavioral health facilities—resulting in a 44% decrease of pediatric behavioral health patients transported to the ED. 

Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) is a public, non-profit EMS entity serving Little Rock, Arkansas, and its surrounding counties. The organization’s service area covers approximately 1,800 square miles and nearly half a million Arkansans. MEMS transports around 77,000 patients each year. In 2020, MEMS adopted Pulsara to improve communication with area hospitals for time-sensitive emergencies such as stroke, STEMI, and trauma. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, MEMS faced a new challenge: a growing number of pediatric behavioral health cases. Between 2022 and 2023, mental health calls accounted for 10% of MEMS’ overall call volume, with a noticeable surge in pediatric mental health cases. MEMS was transporting every behavioral health patient under 18 to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, creating a bottleneck in the emergency department as patients wait to be transferred to a behavioral health facility. Mack Hutchison, Clinical Manager for MEMS, explains: “Many of these patients do not need medical clearance and can occupy a room in the ED for up to 24 hours before a bed is found for them at a behavioral health facility.” Hutchison had an idea: what if those who didn’t need medical clearance could be routed directly to a behavioral health facility, relieving pressure on the ED and getting patients care more quickly?

Download the case study or read on to learn more!

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Pulsara Releases Behavioral Health Patient Type for Improved Care Coordination

By Team Pulsara on Mar 22, 2022

The newly expanded platform allows first responders and healthcare providers to support behavioral health patients via telehealth and streamlined transfers. 

Bozeman, Mont., March 22, 2022Pulsara, the leading mobile telehealth, communication, and logistics platform that unites healthcare teams and technologies across organizations during dynamic events, recently released a dedicated behavioral health patient type allowing EMS crews, hospital teams, and other healthcare organizations to better support behavioral health patients. EMS or other first responders can now directly connect with behavioral health facilities, teams, or individuals through live group video and audio calling to receive help in determining the most appropriate treatment for the patient. For teams working with patients who need enhanced behavioral health services, this new patient type helps streamline placement to a more appropriate facility. Utilizing this new functionality on the Pulsara platform, clinicians can quickly facilitate appropriate real-time treatment for patients, help relieve overcrowded healthcare facilities, and save time, money, and resources by avoiding unnecessary and extended ED visits.

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