It’s not that doctors are technologically averse. Instead, it’s because technology has become another mandatory hurdle in providing quality patient care. More and more physicians are becoming frustrated with the subpar usability of Health IT Tools.

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What should be simplifying the process and providing meaningful data is increasingly becoming a headache. Systems aren’t comparable. Technology is evolving at a pace that is costing facilities in unusable “tech debt.” Doctors can’t pull basic reports. And the “IT guy,” whose responsibility centers around printing woes, is now required to screen policies & procedures, configure personal mobile devices, maintain interoperability standards — all while staying HIPAA compliant.


Technology platforms are outdated.

Each medical health record is isolated in a system of silos.

Clinicians don’t want to carry another device.

While we are “technological-izing” healthcare, we’re also adding full-time staff.


The why:

  • Why is the system becoming more and more complex?
  • Why are we jumping through faux hurdles?
  • Why are companies continuing to build proprietary software that only works on proprietary hardware?

The where:

  • Where is the physician? Shouldn’t they have a say in the best workflow for patient care?
  • Where is the patient? Does he really need a cisco-enabled security email to advise him that his dentist appointment is tomorrow?
  • Where is the disruptive technology that breaks downs barriers?

The when:

  • When do we say that this type of system - a system of hoops, hurdles and hangups - is no longer acceptable?


The answer is to simplify. Ironically, making something easier is one of the most challenging and daunting tasks. It takes insight, hard work and creative freedom to visualize a better way. Here at Pulsara, we’re committed to simplifying healthcare by providing real solutions with no added hardware or additional staff. Simplification is in our mission. It’s in our DNA. It’s what we do.

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Kris Kaull

Written by Kris Kaull

Kris is a flight paramedic who serves as Pulsara's Chief Marketing Officer and is the founder of - the largest EMS website on the internet. When he's not promoting Pulsara or saving lives, Kris can be found in the beautiful mountains of Montana or dreaming about the next adventure.