Recently Pulsara had the special opportunity to be interviewed by Emergency Physicians Monthly (EPM) with emergency physician Dr. Mark Plaster, the founder and executive editor of EPM and the founder of Plaster Publishing. Dr. Plaster interviewed our own James Woodson, Founder and CEO of Pulsara, and Anna Larson, Pulsara’s Program Director of Strategic Initiatives. Topics discussed included Pulsara's special funding initiative to help healthcare organizations access much needed federal funding for things like COVID-19 relief, as well as Pulsara's role in helping emergency care teams improve patient care by uniting them on a single communication platform. Listen to the full interview below: 


Pulsara is a way to bring everybody together and improve collaborative healthcare forever—it’s a new set of “highways” and “train lines” so that everybody is communicating back and forth and care is improved.

— Dr. Mark Plaster, Founder / Executive Editor of Emergency Physicians Monthly



Why are Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Choosing Pulsara?

From rural Australia to urban Seattle, WA, Pulsara is changing how healthcare communicates.
Whether at a Level I Trauma Center, a critical access hospital, a nursing home, or a rural physician's office, your ENTIRE care team is connected. With Pulsara, you can form inter-hospital care teams on the fly, instantly share patient data and communicate via audio/video/chat, and create a single source of truth for each case. Pulsara reduces treatment times, minimizes errors, and simplifies transfers. Click here to learn more

How is Pulsara helping with funding opportunities in terms of COVID-19 preparedness and response?

COVID-19 has wrought havoc on our nation and our healthcare system. In response, several emergency funding and stimulus packages were provided by the federal government. The CARES Act alone provided $2.2 trillion in resources to battle the far-reaching effects of the virus. At Pulsara, we’ve been tracking the dollars and are aware of resources that pertain to critical connected care, emergency preparedness and medical operations. To that end, we've put together a FREE Funding Guide with details about current funding opportunities, along with the information your healthcare organization will need in order to apply. Once you decide which opportunities best fit your needs, we can help you make your application competitive, tell your story and get the aid that you need. Click here to learn more and get started


How can Pulsara help your emergency care teams? Recently, CHRISTUS Good Shepherd - Longview was able to reduce their door-to-needle time for patients receiving tPA by a whopping 59% by refining their communication processes. See how they did it in this case study.

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Written by Nathan Williams

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