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For COVID-19 Response and Recovery,
Plus Emergency-Preparedness for the Future


The coronavirus pandemic has significantly challenged and strained our nation and healthcare system. So far, lawmakers have enacted six major bills, costing about $5.3 trillion, to help manage the pandemic and mitigate the economic burden on families and businesses. For the healthcare sector, that burden has been extreme.

Fortunately, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the most recent bill signed into law, provides aid that first responders and healthcare professionals can benefit from.

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Navigating the labyrinth of resources and requirements in an effort to secure funding for your organization can be tricky. We continue to track the dollars, programs and requirements that pertain to critical connected care, emergency preparedness and medical operations.

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Funding Can Be Used for an Emergency Medical Communication Solution

You need a communication system that is secure, easy to use and scalable. Pulsara connects all members of the care team in real time - regardless of location or organization - for triage, treatment and transport of patients.

Now is the time to implement an infrastructure that can be leveraged for everyday systems of care AND can scale to meet the demands of public health crises.

Learn how Pulsara is being used nationwide for preparedness.

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