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Pulsara Releases App Version 6.3 to Include DOB Feature [Press Release]

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BOZEMAN, MT -- SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 -- Today Pulsara announced the release of app version 6.3, which includes the ability for users to quickly and easily add the patient’s DOB to assist in pre-registration of the patient. This saves the Emergency Department time, allowing them to get patients into the operating room sooner if such treatment is required. 

 Additional functionalities included in version 6.3 are as follows. 

Improved Patient User Interface

6.3 features an improved flow so users can more quickly see full patient details — and edit those details if changes are needed:

Patient Card SCreenshot


Pulsara now displays all dates in a standardized format for readability and better localized date support.


EMS Card

For EMS-created cases, hospital teams can use the EMS card to call the EMS agency with just a tap.

Regardless of whether EMS creates the case (or somebody at the hospital creates the case on behalf of EMS)  hospital teams will always be able to use this card to:

  • View “At Patient” time

  • View/update the ETA

  • In an upcoming release, users will also be able to see the EMS Unit Number and call the EMS Unit directly from this card.

Android Oreo and Notification Channels

Pulsara added native support for the new Android notification channels feature, introduced in Android 8.0 (Oreo). Pulsara has taken full advantage of Android's push notification configuration features to provide users with incredible flexibility as to how and when they receive push notifications from the app.

For example: If a user is on call at home, late at night, she can choose to have Pulsara primary notifications play the siren sound even when her phone is in Do Not Disturb mode. This allows her to silence almost all communication on her phone, but still receive primary case notifications from Pulsara. 

Or, if a user only needs primary alerts from Pulsara, that person can then choose to disable sounds for most Pulsara secondary alerts.

NOTE: Pulsara will maintain users' current sound preferences through the initial upgrade. However, if they change their preferences to a custom sound, it is not currently possible to change back to the default Pulsara-provided sound.


New Features for Android Users

Heads Up Notification for Primary Alerts

When users are actively using their phones, Pulsara displays a heads-up notification at the top of the screen, even when using other apps.

Notifications Grouped by Patient

When users receive alerts for multiple patients at the same time, they are grouped together in the Notification Drawer. One notification drawer item groups all secondary alerts for the same patient.

Tapping on the notification group expands the list so that users can see detailed notifications for a single patient. 

NOTE: These features are available only to people using Android 7.0 (N) or 8.0 (O). Android versions 5.0 (L) and 6.0 (M) don’t support these features and unfortunately, iOS does not provide the ability to group push notifications in the Notification Center at this time, so this feature is not available on iOS.

Other changes

  • The Pulsara app remembers the previously selected Stroke Score. But feedback from C-STAT users stated that they prefer C-STAT to be a follow-on assessment and Pulsara should not default to C-STAT as the first assessment for a new patient. This has been fixed.

  • Now, Pulsara only sends alert reminders for a maximum 20 minutes after the primary alert.

  • Previously, users had the ability to tap on the global timer panel for stroke cases. From there, users could expand it to see a timer for First Medical Contact. However, very few people actually used this feature, so it was removed to free up space on the screen.

    Note: “At Patient” time can always be seen on the EMS card.

  • We fixed an issue where activating an already active case would return an “Internal Server Error.” Now, users are simply directed right to the Active Patient screen.

"This release is really exciting because so many of the changes are about SIMPLIFYING the user experience to allow care teams to better focus on the patient," said Erich Hannan, Chief Technology Officer for Pulsara.


About Pulsara 

Pulsara is a digital healthcare corporation that focuses on using mobile technology to enhance treatment time outcomes by improving communication and care coordination through the entire healthcare system. Pulsara’s mobile application packages for stroke, STEMI, and general patients improve communications between the teams caring for those critical patients, leading to faster treatment. Every clinician – from paramedics to emergency department staff to neurology and cardiology teams – is on the same page with a simple tap. For more information, visit

Press Contact:
Kris Kaull   

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