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Premier Health Upgrades EMS Software for Easier, Safer Handoffs at Hospitals

By Kinsie Clarkson

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Premier Health, in partnership with Pulsara, has adapted the company’s mobile communications platform for stroke patients to help EMS agencies when they arrive with patients suspected of having COVID-19.

“EMS can now send an alert to the receiving emergency department that a suspected COVID-19 patient is in transit and the emergency team can respond with the appropriate directions to enable a safer and efficient handoff,” said Candy Skidmore, VP of service integration for emergency, trauma, CareFlight, and EMS Center of Excellence, Premier Health.

Pulsara is a communication platform accessed through an app on any smart device and was originally developed by physicians to improve coordination for time-sensitive emergencies. 

Continue reading the full press release here. 

Watch the interview with Premier Health teams right here:


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Kinsie Clarkson

Kinsie Clarkson

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