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Introducing: Pulsara HQ for EMS Admins

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EMS admins: Have you ever wished for an easy way to view all of your units, along with any information about the patients they're currently caring for? What about having the ability to track their movements and view whether the hospital has acknowledged them, and even see which hospitals are available, all from one easy-to-use dashboard?

Pulsara is pleased to announce the release of Pulsara HQ, a new browser-based command center that enables supervisors to track units, access patient details, see hospital availability, and communicate with your team.

What is Pulsara HQ?

Pulsara HQ is a new browser-based Pulsara command center where EMS admins can: 

  • Track all units and see where they are delivering patients
  • See hospital acknowledgment status and ETA to destination hospitals
  • View and update patient details and communicate with the care team via team messaging
  • Easily filter by case type and patient condition
  • View hospital availability
  • Manage Incidents and MCIs



How will Pulsara HQ help me?

With Pulsara HQ, EMS administrators, supervisors, and medical control will be able to monitor the status of their units from a convenient dashboard. Pulsara HQ will display unit transport status, destination location, and each unit's ETA to their destination.

Admins are now able to create and view patient channels and see relevant case details, including patient demographics, images of the scene, and ECGs. They'll also be able to send messages to their team members or to other facilities if coordination is needed.

Pulsara HQ will also help with load balancing by giving admins convenient access to Hospital ED Availability information. The dashboard will also show whether or not a receiving facility has acknowledged a patient who is en route, and give admins the ability to intervene if needed. 

How can I get started?

While Pulsara HQ is geared towards EMS admins, this is only the first phase of our browser version for EMS. Stay tuned as we expand our browser functionality for all EMS users in the coming months!

Pulsara HQ is now available to any EMS agency with a paid subscription to Pulsara. If you're interested in Pulsara HQ, contact us to learn more or get started.


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