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Fire Chief Signs Teams up for Pulsara ... and Then They Use it to Respond to His Own Heart Attack

“When I signed us up [for Pulsara], I had no idea I’d be one of the patients to use it.” -  El Dorado Fire Chief Mosby.

Every second counts when it comes to time sensitive emergencies like heart attack. In these instances, efficiency and instant communication are crucial. Time was of the essence for the Eldorado Arkansas Fire Chief recently. Eldorado Fire Department and Medical Center of South Arkansas are 2 of 30+ hospitals and EMS agencies that went live with Pulsara in January 2018 as a part of a trial funded by the Arkansas Department of Health.

We are grateful our technology assisted in getting Chief Mosby help when it mattered most! Check out the full story about how Chief Mosby's responding teams used Pulsara for his own emergency right here! 

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Brittney Nelson, BSN, RN, SCRN

Brittney Nelson, BSN, RN, SCRN

Brittney is a registered nurse and SCRN who served as the Stroke Coordinator at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital. Her passion for stroke patients and the acute stroke care process led her to her current position as Implementation Specialist at Pulsara.

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