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Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Achieves Better Care and Value for Patients Using New Technology [Press Release]

By Team Pulsara


The Houston, Texas health system implemented a smartphone app to simplify communications and improve outcomes for patients.

The staff at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center works tirelessly to ensure that all stroke and STEMI patients are treated as quickly and efficiently as possible; a goal that relies on the synchronized communication of all care team members, in order to get the patient to the treatment he or she needs without losing any time. Unfortunately, outdated processes and archaic technologies often complicate this process, slowing down communications and leading to longer case times.

In efforts to eliminate any roadblocks to efficient treatment, Cypress Fairbanks has implemented Pulsara, a mobile technology that instantly and securely connects members of an acute care team, allowing them to respond faster and have access to more information in time-sensitive emergencies.

Cypress Fairbanks also uses Pulsara to communicate with EMS teams in the area, providing increased transparency of the patient’s condition and helping to further streamline the care process. When a medic identifies a stroke or STEMI in the field, they can instantly transmit to the hospital the patient’s name and age, vital signs, ETA to the hospital, and even a secure picture of the ECG or facial droop. Because no information is stored on the user’s personal device, it is HIPAA compliant and secure.

“Cypress Fairbanks has always been at the forefront of cutting edge medicine and technology,” said James Woodson, an emergency room physician and founder of Pulsara, “So using Pulsara was a natural fit for them. This has really helped them tie up any loose ends in their care processes and standardize their workflows to provide more efficient care. It’s a win-win for both the care teams and their patients.”


Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center is based in Houston, Texas and has been providing excellent care to its patients since 1983. The healthcare professionals at Cypress Fairbanks are committed to helping their patients live longer, healthier lives. Learn more at

Pulsara is a digital healthcare corporation that focuses on using mobile technology to enhance emergency medical outcomes by improving communication and care coordination through the entire healthcare system. Pulsara’s mobile applications STOP STROKE and STOP STEMI improve communications between the teams caring for stroke and heart attack patients, leading to faster treatment and better outcomes. Every clinician – from paramedics to emergency department staff to neurology and cardiology teams – is on the same page with a simple tap. For more information, visit


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