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Communication Technology Improves Inter-Organizational Care Coordination

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In a world where mobile apps are tapped to organize or simplify nearly every aspect of our lives—from tracking food deliveries to requesting transportation—healthcare communication seems to be the final frontier.

Leveraging connected mobile technologies results in a single channel for information sharing. And it’s key to overcoming communication challenges across inter-organizational patient treatment. It’s time to leverage the simplicity and convenience of this everyday technology to improve healthcare communication and patient care.

Just imagine how this could work in your healthcare system...

One Team on One Channel

Rather than creating a patchwork approach using multiple non-interoperable devices and software, shared communication platforms (accessed through a mobile technology application) provide care teams a single, secure communication channel used for each patient for the duration of the case.


Care team leaders can make patient information accessible to all individuals responding to the case, regardless of the location or organization they are operating from. This aligns the full care team, increasing everyone’s ability to stay connected and up to speed on all treatment, diagnostics, and discussion throughout the patient journey.

Imagine How This Could Work in Your Healthcare System

  • What if EMS could initiate a video consultation with a neurologist to identify a severe stroke and provide medical direction to the care team prior to hospital arrival, potentially saving vital minutes by obtaining approval to bypass the ED?
  • How much time could be saved if cardiac teams at a transfer facility could review ECG reports and prepare the CATH lab for a determined STEMI intervention before the patient arrives?
  • What if more ED beds were available for acute care emergencies because EMS providers used telehealth capabilities on their smart devices to support non-emergent responses in the field?

Interoperable Communication Technology Makes a Difference

When all care teams are connected on a single patient channel, communication is made simple. Rather than the repetition and stress involved in relaying the same message multiple times to multiple different teams, everyone can instantly see the same information and be made aware of the patient's condition with the touch of a button. Below, you can see the impact a single, shared, accessible source of truth can have in a healthcare system.


By replacing multiple phone calls, radio reports, faxes, and pagers with one unified patient channel, care providers see reduced treatment times, reduced costs, and improve the lives of both patients and caregivers.

Unite Care Teams Across Organizations

Time and lives are precious. Ready to build and unite your inter-organizational care teams with a solution that works?

Questions to Ask Yourself and Care Team Members:

  • How much better could patient care be if communication was streamlined across a healthcare system, regardless of location or organization?
  • How could your life, the lives of your fellow clinicians, and the lives of your patients improve with an efficiently coordinated patient care journey?
  • How much more efficient could patient care be if each team member has easy access to patient details—providing what they need to know, when they need to know it—on a single channel dedicated to each patient?

Let’s create better patient care together.



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