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New feature to include time, location, and description of emergencies before they happen 

Bozeman, Mont. -- Pulsara is excited to announce the unveiling of a new medical emergency detection feature called Premonition. Premonition will allow Pulsara to set the new standard for preventive care by enabling EMS to reach the location of the next emergency before it even happens. Once the Premonition update goes into effect next week, first responders using Pulsara will begin receiving advance alerts with the time of their next call, the patient’s ailment, and address, with the target goal of giving them an advance warning of up to twenty-five minutes. Premonition will also suggest potential care providers that match the patient’s needs, so that EMS providers can start planning their care teams in advance. 

Pulsara’s service already streamlines the communication process for first responders and physicians by offering them a real-time communication platform that allows all caregivers to view patient information as it is uploaded to the patient’s unique case profile. “This is the next step in providing patients with the highest level of care,” said Pulsara Founder and CEO Dr. James Woodson. “Premonition will work against the clock and give EMS providers valuable time that will help them anticipate patients’ needs before they happen.” 

As with many of Pulsara’s other features, the Premonition package will be made available at no cost to EMS providers. Pulsara encourages interested parties to schedule a demo of Premonition’s features through the Pulsara website.

Oh, and Happy April Fool's!

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Written by Kinsie Clarkson

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