A few weeks ago, we published a blog introducing the concept of the Internet of Lifesaving People, where we discussed the importance of arming our healthcare teams with the right tools to empower them -- the clinicians -- to deliver optimal care through integrated, precise communication. This week, we wanted to explain how Pulsara fits into this concept. 

Pulsara’s purpose is to improve the lives of patients and caregivers through innovative communication. We’ve helped create the Internet of Lifesaving People, which has been used to help coordinate regional care teams for thousands and thousands of patients across the United States and Australia.

Pulsara even received the 2017 Interoperability Award by Healthcare Informatics, not because we connect things, but because we connect people. 

Pulsara helps prehospital and hospital care teams communicate efficiently through a simple-to-use mobile application. It eliminates communication silos and unites lifesaving teams regardless of hospital or EMS affiliation or their current technologies. Pulsara standardizes communication protocols whether the patient arrives by EMS, drives themselves to the Emergency Department, is an inpatient, or needs to be transferred.

The Pulsara platform and Internet of Lifesaving People™ advisory services are reducing treatment times from 10% to as much as 60%, gathering meaningful data for process improvement and reporting, and reducing costs.

But, Pulsara is far more than a technology solution.

After all, successful implementation of technology is:

  • only 5% about THE TECHNOLOGY.
  • only 15% about THE PROCESS
  • and 80% about THE PEOPLE
We understand the complexities of regional systems of care and our Team is designed to help your region unite to

harness the power of Internet of Lifesaving People™, real-time communication, and information sharing for healthcare teams.

The Internet of Lifesaving People: It’s About Pulsara. It’s About People. It’s About Time.

-James Woodson, M.D. 
Founder and CEO, Pulsara

James Woodson, MD

Written by James Woodson, MD

James is a board-certified Emergency Physician, and is the Founder and CEO of Pulsara.